Charity Audit Survey 2020

For 28 years, charities have used Charity Finance's Charity Audit Survey to assess the audit marketplace. The survey has helped them save money and improve the services they receive. This year, ensure your views are part of that by filling out this questionnaire.

haysmacintyre / Charity Finance Index hub

The Charity 100 and 250 Indexes have been tracking income trends at the UK’s largest charities since 1996. The Charity 100 Index tracks the largest 100 charities, while the Charity 250 Index assesses the next 250. Index members are selected based on their average income over the last three years.

The indexes were sponsored by haysmacintyre from September 2016 until August 2019. Updates during this time are below and later updates can be found here

2019 updates 


Pre-2019 updates


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