Government commits £57m to charities from Libor funds and tampon tax


Government commits £57m to charities from Libor funds and tampon tax2

Finance | Emily Corfe | 16 Mar 2016

The government has committed a total of £57m to military, women's and health charities from Libor fines and tampon tax.

Chancellor George Osborne announced today that banking fines worth £45m will support charities around the UK over the next four years.

They include mostly military and health charities, including £4.5m for Air Ambulance Northern Ireland "to help establish an emergency helicopter medical service in Northern Ireland", and £5m for the National Mesothelioma Centre "to establish a research centre."

Other charities to benefit from Libor funds include University Hospital Southampton Charity, Central Manchester University Hospitals Charity and Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

As part of today's Budget, £12m generated from the tampon tax will be put towards a range of women's charities.

They include Breast Cancer Care which will receive £1m to scale up support services for women recovering from breast cancer.

Responding to the Budget announcement today, the charity’s chief executive Samia al Qadhi said the funding would “transform the lives of thousands of people with breast cancer.”

“This generous investment will help fund our Moving Forward courses, so we can be there for more people with breast cancer when they urgently need somewhere to turn for support - helping them move forward with confidence,” she told Civil Society News.

Girlguiding will also benefit with a £1m fund “to develop, implement and evaluate a renewed Youth Programme and revitalise their national framework.”

Osborne said a government partnership with Comic Relief and the Rosa Fund for Women will "disburse tampon tax to a range of grassroots women's organisations, in recognition of the high number of applications recieved from such organisations across the country."

Gilly Green, head of UK grants for Comic Relief told Civil Society News that the partnership was part of a "major strategic priority for Comic Relief."

"We have over 20 years of experience of working with organisations who are expert in these issues, funding successful projects that protect, inspire and empower women and girls.
“We are delighted that HM Treasury has chosen to partner with Comic Relief’s UK grantmaking in this area. The £3m funding that the Treasury is providing - with an additional £1m of Comic Relief funds - will enable us to continue and increase vital work with partners across the sector and to apply our expert knowledge of grant making in this area to transform the lives of women and girls, helping them to reach their potential.”

Recipients of both funds include the following:

Libor fine recipients:

  • Air Ambulance Northern Ireland £4.5m – to help establish a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in Northern Ireland
  • National Mesothelioma Centre £5m – to establish a centre of research in the fight against mesothelioma, which is directly affecting service veterans
  • University Hospital Southampton Charity £2m matched funding – to help build a dedicated Paediatric Emergency and Trauma Department
  • Central Manchester University Hospitals Charity £1.1m – to build a dedicated helicopter landing pad to reduce transfer times for critical care patients
  • Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity £700,000 – to complete fundraising for a fully digitally intraoperative 3T MRI scanner to treat children with brain tumours
  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity £700,000 – to support the ‘Eye Believe’ and ‘Star’ appeals, for children with rare diseases and undiagnosed medical conditions
  • Hostage UK £100,000 – to improve support to British hostages and their families
  • Rescue Global £2.5m – to provide rapid global disaster response support utilising former Service personnel
  • Samaritans £3.5m – to provide first response help and bespoke support services to current Service personnel, Veterans, and their families
  • Royal British Legion Industries £2.7m – to support the delivery of specialist nursing care to Veterans through flexible care suites and a day‐care facility
  • Royal British Legion Industries £958,000 – to deliver intensive employment support to long term unemployed Veterans across the UK
  • Recruit For Spouses £316,000 – to assist service spouses back into work
  • CAIS Wales, Change Step Veteran Services £500,000 – to deliver a referral pathway for veterans in Wales
  • NSPCC £1.84m – to fund NSPCC Service Centres in Tidworth and Catterick Garrison Towns, to provide support with the particular challenges of service life
  • Military Wives Choirs £328,000 – to fund the ‘Sing, Share and Support’ project
  • Confederation of Service Charities (Cobseo) £450,000 – to allow Cobseo to represent 250 charities within the Military Charity Sector through to 2020
  • National War Memorial Park, New Zealand £350,000 – to complete fundraising for a ‘British Presence’ memorial in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Promenade for Peace £20,000 – to contribute to the construction of a commemorative walkway at Sword Beach, Normandy, commemorating D-Day 1944
  • Commonwealth War Memorial, Dover £500,000 – to initiate a memorial of names commemorating the 1.7 million Commonwealth lives lost in WW1 and WW2
  • Royal British Legion £1.5m matched funding – to commemorate RAF Bomber Command and the 55,296 lives lost in WW2
  • Marine Society and Sea Cadets £2.25m – to replace ageing sailing dinghies, to benefit over 150,000 cadets, throughout the UK, over the next 10 years
  • Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust £82,000 – to deliver a project for teachers across the UK, dealing with the issues of extremism and terrorism
  • Cadet Forces Qualifications £3.3m – to deliver nationally recognised qualifications and supporting training for Cadet Forces personnel
  • Scottish Cadets ‘Linked Detachments’ £500,000 – to support seven Cadet ‘Linked Detachments’ in Scottish schools until 2020
  • We’ll Meet Again £200,000 – to establish a permanent interactive WW2 museum in Lincolnshire, delivering a unique learning experience to children across the region
  • The Scottish Submarine Trust £659,000 – to establish a Museum of the Submarine Service in Scotland
  • Bletchley Park Trust £1m – to establish a major new exhibition of the Turing-Welchman Bombe, which helped to break the Enigma cipher in WW2
  • Brooklands Museum £1m – to complete fundraising for the Brooklands Aircraft Factory & Race Track Revival Project and to inspire future generations
  • British Mercantile Marine Memorial Collection £1.23m – to establish a unique collection of international maritime art in Hull
  • Helensburgh Leisure Facility £5m – to co-fund a new leisure facility for use by the local community and military personnel and their families based at HM Naval Base CLYDE

Tampon Tax Fund recipients:

  • Birth Companions £90,000 – to provide support to women in prison and the community through pregnancy, birth and early parenting, in London and Peterborough
  • Breast Cancer Care £1m – to scale up their support services to women recovering from breast cancer
  • Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust £650,000 – to launch the ‘Eradicate Cervical Cancer’ campaign targeted at increasing levels of screening
  • Ovarian Cancer Action £300,000 – to fund research into a pioneering ovarian cancer prevention strategy
  • Girlguiding £1m – to develop, implement and evaluate a renewed Youth Programme and revitalise their national framework
  • Pause £500,000 – to expand their current programme nationwide, enabling women to make choices about their future and reduce the number of children being removed into care
  • White Ribbon Campaign £265,000 – to deliver the biggest campaign in Europe aimed at encouraging men and boys to challenge violence against women and girls
  • Standing Together Against Domestic Violence £311,000 – to create a Health Alliance for Domestic Abuse and develop innovative work identifying risks within the mental health setting
  • Karma Nirvana £449,000 – to extend the hours of a helpline to support victims of honour based violence and forced marriage and provide guidance to professionals tackling it
  • Muslim Women’s Network UK £114,000 – to expand their specialist and culturally sensitive service to Muslim women and girls from diverse backgrounds suffering or at risk of abuse
  • Southern Domestic Abuse Service £190,000 – to provide support to victims of domestic abuse in South East Hampshire
  • Greater Manchester Women Offender Alliance £375,000 – to secure the development of their innovative approach to working with women offenders and those at risk of offending across the region
  • Street Talk £81,000 – to support women trying to exit street based prostitution and provide additional services in partnership with Trust – the drop in centre for vulnerable women in Lambeth
  • One25 £65,000 – to part-fund its holistic person-centred work which benefits women who are trapped in, or vulnerable to, street sex work in the Bristol region women@thewell £120,000 – to provide women with a credible exit strategy from prostitution
  • The Magdalene Group £123,000 for its Doorway Women’s Service, a front-line service empowering women in Norfolk to make healthy lifestyle choices and exit prostitution
  • Women’s Fund for Scotland £600,000 – to run a funding programme to target small grassroots women’s organisations across Scotland
  • Action for Children Swansea SAIL project £497,000 – to provide young mothers and mothers to be that are going through care proceedings with advocacy and emotional support
  • Parenting NI £118,000 – to empower mothers to develop the skills for managing the behaviour of their children using appropriate, non-violent means

The government has also committed the following grant-making partnerships to disburse tampon tax funding to a range of grassroots women’s organisations.

  • Comic Relief – to create a funding partnership of £4m (including £1m of match funding) to drive awareness of women’s issues and fund exceptional and varied partners to deliver
  • Rosa Fund for Women – a £2.2m ‘Small Grants Fund’ for local grassroots organisations that will be run by Rosa, the only UK-wide Fund exclusively for women and girls

Martin Moorman
Ravenscliffe High School and Sports College
17 Mar 2016

We are so disappointed to have been missed out in the allocation of this funding. No reasons given no feedback received. I don't dispute the eligibility of the awards to the other good causes named as recipients, but it is so disappointing that as a special school, we are receiving NO help from Central Government for our over capacity issues....currently Ravenscliffe is 213% over capacity with 162 pupils on roll in September with a building fit to house just 69 according to the Government's own guidelines.
Our Ravenscliffe@SpringHall funding application, if successful would have given us the final £400K we need to build an off site sixth form and community centre in central Halifax butting up to the SpringHall athletics track. This would have given athletes present and future the chance to change, train, socialise out of school hours, whilst giving the school and it's disabled pupils a fit for purpose sixth form in the the day time. Check the details out on the school website and click on Ravenscliffe@SpringHall link
So dispiriting......especially as it seems that you only get this funding if you are a big national charity.

F Shaw
17 Mar 2016

So, what exactly are the open, fair and transparent application processes for charities to access either the Libor fines or Tampon Tax funds? Where are the criteria published? Who makes the decision? What are the measurement and reporting criteria? Has this Government learnt nothing from their previous grant-making on a whim and powerful patronage debacle?

You honestly couldn't make up this sort of incoherent shambles.


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