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Over the past ten years, the Charity Property Conference has been helping charity professionals to address the very specific complexities and challenges associated with charity property management.

The conference builds on the dominant themes and issues running through our print and online publications. They provide unparalleled coverage throughout the year of the key developments in the sector and act as a platform to share best practice and gain insight into what your peers are up to.

This hub is a collation of our recent news, in-depth articles and insight surrounding charity property.

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Charity Property in-depth articles
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Charity Property in-depth content- free downloads

These articles originally appeared in Charity Finance in 2018.

It’s hard to stick wifi into a thousand-year-old building

Historic Royal Palaces finance director Sue Hall speaks to Rob Preston about the challenges of managing 1,000-year-old buildings in the 21st century.

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Legal issues with capital projects 

Andrew Wherrett advises how to negotiate the legal hurdles that come with capital projects.
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Charity Property in-depth content

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