Charity Audit Survey 2020

For 28 years, charities have used Charity Finance's Charity Audit Survey to assess the audit marketplace. The survey has helped them save money and improve the services they receive. This year, ensure your views are part of that by filling out this questionnaire.

Fundraising Magazine

Fundraising Magazine is a practical and inspiring magazine that provides fundraising professionals with the tools to unlock new revenue streams, yield better results from campaigns and boost donor income. Subscribe today to receive 10 issues per year and access to premium fundraising content on Price discounted when you pay by direct debit.

What's included

Fundraising Magazine provides unparalleled in-depth coverage across the spectrum of today's fundraising issues. Each copy is packed with exclusive interviews, independent analysis, campaign case studies and back-to-basics guides. 

What you get with a subscription:

  • 10 packed issues a year
  • Regular insights into donor behaviour
  • Exclusive interviews from funders
  • Practical guides on fundraising practice
  • Independent research and analysis
  • Access to premium fundraising content on


Choose plan

  • Charity - Individual (1 copy per issue)

    Plan A: 12 month subscription

    Price £ 99.00ex VAT
  • Charity - Small Team (3 copies per issue)

    Plan B: 12 month subscription

    Price £ 159.00ex VAT
  • Charity - Medium Team (5 copies per issue)

    Plan C: 12 month subscription

    Price £ 219.00ex VAT
  • Charity - Large Team (10 copies per issue)

    Plan D: 12 month subscription

    Price £ 369.00ex VAT
  • Corporate

    Plan E: 12 month subscription

    Price £ 142.00ex VAT

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