Fundraising Magazine presents Elevate 2024 🚀

20 March 2024 London

A conference for fundraising professionals

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We are combining and re-branding our Fundraising Live and Charity Technology conferences in response to seismic shifts in the fundraising, digital and technology spaces. The ELEVATE programme will be carefully designed to help and inspire charities looking to take their fundraising to the next level.

The programme will feature 22 sessions to choose from across the following four streams:

  • Stream A - Fundraising Skills & Solutions
  • Stream B - Fundraising Forward Tools & Trends
  • Stream C - Digital Pioneers
  • Stream D - Tech Trailblazers  
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20 March 2024

  • 8.45AM - 9.20AM
    Registration and networking
  • 9.20AM - 9.30AM
    Chair's welcome - Stephen Cotterill, editor, Fundraising magazine
  • 9.30AM - 10.10AM
    Opening keynote - From Tragedy to Triumph: Maintaining motivation and resilience against all odds

    Anthony Bennett shares his incredible experience of surviving three viral infections against overwhelming odds. After battling Streph-Pneumonia, Influenza, and Staphylococcus, he defied a mere 10% chance of survival, undergoing 12 resuscitations and weeks on life support. Post-recovery, Anthony played a pivotal role in securing a £7.5m Charity Partnership between Whitbread PLC and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, inspiring teams nationwide to fund a new cardiac hospital wing. Drawing on his fundraising experience, Anthony demonstrates the power of saying "Yes" when what we want to say is "No". His is an inspiring tale showcasing the strength of the human spirit and the transformative potential of collective efforts.

    Anthony Bennett 

  • 10.10AM - 10.20AM
    Transit time
  • 10.20AM - 11.00AM
    1A. Growing ambitious corporate partnerships in turbulent times

    This session will consider how charities can ensure they are maximising the huge potential of corporate - charity partnerships. Join us to learn more about Parkinson's UK’s focus on developing this sustainable income stream. Including building a diverse and resilient income portfolio; fostering long-term relationships; and practical tips on how to treat your colleagues like your corporate partners. In a changing world where businesses are becoming more socially minded, there is a growing opportunity for mutually beneficial partnerships based on equality. We also consider the pressures on corporate fundraisers and some strategies for building team morale, resilience and stewarding your team to success.

    Ghalib Ullah, head of commercial partnerships, Parkinson's UK

  • 10.20AM - 11.00AM
    1B. Panel: Beyond the Baby Boomers - crafting a lasting legacy impact 

    By 2030, legacy income in the UK is expected to top £5bn a year in what will be the biggest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history. This could be transformational for those charities that are well-positioned to benefit. But what about those causes that appear to be a more difficult legacy proposition? How can grittier, emerging charities, and those with younger supporters strengthen their position to ensure they are not missing out and unlock legacy potential? And for more traditional organisations, what happens beyond the generosity and affluence of the Baby Boomers? Are there steps we can take now to future-proof this resilient income stream?

    Chair - Lucinda Frostick, director, Remember a Charity
    Panellists: Franka Fueller, head of mass giving, Surfers Against Sewage and Rosie Kew, legacy manager, Centrepoint

  • 10.20AM - 11.00AM
    1C. Click, Connect, Contribute: Navigating the virtual world of events fundraising

    Early adopters of the Facebook challenge model, Dementia UK's virtual challenge programme continues to grow year-on-year. Join this session to discover the reasons for their success, and the story behind one particular event, the Dog Walking Challenge, which was co-produced with the target audience to create a strong and relevant proposition. We will explore the challenges and benefits of effectively stewarding an online community in order to maintain enthusiasm and maximise engagement. This session will offer some practical takeaways, showcasing the impact of audience insight, event design, and community stewardship for sustaining successful virtual fundraising concepts.

    Lucy Canning, virtual events manager and Joanna Sullivan, head of community fundraising, events & innovation, Dementia UK

  • 10.20AM - 11.00AM
    1D. Why do digitally mature charities raise more? Trends and tips to harness technology and data in your fundraising

    Blackbaud’s Status of UK Fundraising 2023 report found that while charities recognise the benefits of technology, the huge majority are not getting the most out of their fundraising solutions. Join this interactive session to learn how to leverage technology to maximise your resources. We will explore the challenge of balancing business as usual and long-term strategic planning, discuss how to embrace innovation, failure, and risk with pragmatism. We’ll showcase learnings from our customers' digital transformation journeys, and share tips and tricks to maximise your social impact in a digital fundraising landscape.

    Rebecca Williams, senior customer success manager, Blackbaud

  • 11.00AM - 11.30AM
    Morning refreshment and networking break
  • 11.30AM - 12.10PM
    2A. Panel: Grantmaking in a changing world - shaping new horizons for foundations 

    Against a backdrop of social crises and increased demand on charities, the trust fundraising climate is tougher and more saturated than ever. On the other side of the fence, trusts and foundations are being challenged on how they are managing grants as well as issues of accessibility and equity in funding. Join this session to hear directly from grant makers if/how their funding decisions are evolving in an ever-changing world.

    Chair - Jennifer Fuller, freelance grants assessor
    André Clarke, director of charity development, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Bel Crewe, head of impact - South - BBC Children in Need, Thrisha Haldar, lead executive, the Indigo Trust, John Eastwood, deputy director for England, National Lottery Community Fund

  • 11.30AM - 12.10PM
    2B. Optimising charity campaigns: Insights from meaningful marketing measurement research paper

    Join us as we explore the evolution of charity marketing effectiveness over the last five years, focusing on meaningful measurement in the charity sector. This session will delves into the key trends and strategies shaping the donor landscape. Discover how charity campaigns outperform in immediate direct response effects but face challenges in generating brand effects compared to other sectors. Uncover insights into campaign duration, the rise of dual objectives, and the crucial role of acquisition-based targets for sustained growth. We’ll discuss why media channel selection is pivotal. You’ll gain actionable takeaways to enhance your charity campaign strategies in an ever-evolving landscape and receive a copy of the full report. 

    Scott Logie, chief commercial officer, Sagacity

  • 11.30AM - 12.10PM
    2C. Out with accessibility, in with inclusive design

    This session will explore the 'mental 180' we all need to undergo when it comes to considering accessibility in this mobile-first world, where it can no longer be considered a specialist requirement. Robin is recognised as a leading expert on accessibility and digital inclusion, and being blind himself he is passionate about raising awareness of the power and potential of technology to transform people's lives. His talk will include practical illustrations and demos of a range of inclusive apps and technologies as well as an overview of key accessibility issues and how to embrace them in your products and services.

    Robin Christopherson, head of digital inclusion, AbilityNet

  • 11.30AM - 12.10PM
    2D. The art of the possible with responsible AI from Microsoft Copilot

    Unlocking the full potential of responsible AI for charitable causes is at the heart of mhance's presentation featuring Microsoft CoPilot. Beyond enhancing productivity, CoPilot serves as a powerful tool in fostering creativity and inclusive collaboration within the charity sector. The presentation will showcase CoPilot's capabilities in assisting developers, offering innovative code suggestions, and facilitating content creation—all while upholding Microsoft's commitment to ethical principles. Join us to explore how CoPilot sets a new standard for the responsible application of artificial intelligence, contributing to a more inclusive and charitable digital future.

    Tory Cassie, director of nonprofits and James Glover, chief technology officer, mhance

  • 12.10PM - 12.20PM
    Transit time
  • 12.20PM - 1.00PM
    3A. Future-proofing prize-led supporters: a generational shift

    Even in a difficult economic climate, charitable raffles and lotteries continue to perform well and evidence suggests that this income stream is only set to grow. In this session, we will explore current trends in prize-led giving and examine the impact of shifting generational expectations and the integration of emerging new payment technologies. From implementing effective acquisition solutions to selecting enticing incentives which resonate with your audience, our discussion will encompass the key components to creating successful campaigns that are strategically poised to resonate with, and engage future supporters.

    Jason Levy, head of charities, PayPoint Donate

  • 12.20PM - 1.00PM
    3B. Maximising face-to-face fundraising with a retention-first mindset

    It is inevitable that an ongoing cost-of-living crisis will have some impact on people's ability to give to good causes. In this session we will hear how Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity is focusing on supporter retention in order to maximise returns from F2F fundraising. In an era where this fundraising channel can be divisive, the charity are navigating some of the challenges by adopting a data-driven approach that tailors interactions based on supporter insights. Join us for some actionable insights and new ways of thinking to inject optimism into your committed giving campaigns. 

    Abena Bentum, head of committed giving, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSH)  

  • 12.20PM - 1.00PM
    3C. Delivering change - lessons from the Trussell Trust and Deliveroo's impactful partnership

    This session will share the impetus and focus for Trussell Trust's collaboration with Deliveroo. Based on harnessing in-app donation technology, the charity has also gained access to a younger audience through Deliveroo's huge customer base. We will share some campaign highlights and learnings from working with influencers on both the impactful 'Collecteroo' initiative led by Nicola Adams, and the 'Not So Silent Night' Christmas campaign. Join us to reflect on what makes a reciprocal and mutually beneficial corporate partnership, and for tips on how to increase impact, connect with new supporters and maximise giving potential.

    Jade Lewsey, corporate partnerships manager, Trussell Trust and Paul Bedford, director of policy & sustainability, Deliveroo

  • 12.20PM - 1.00PM
    3D. Panel: Employing developments in AI for smarter fundraising

    In the past twelve months artificial intelligence (AI) has entered the mainstream with open AI platforms such as ChatGPT and DALL.E2 being widely used by individuals and organisations to generate content. But beyond generative AI, it is the use of predictive AI that is full of potential to unlock greater returns from fundraising campaigns. We invite our panel of fundraisers to discuss how they are currently making use of artificial intelligence and to consider what the future might have in store in terms of both risk and opportunity.

    Chair - Zoe Amar, founder, Zoe Amar digital 
    Pierre du Bois, strategic lead: communications, marketing and income, Paul Strickland Scanner Centre 
    Steve Law, senior legacy promotions manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

  • 1.00PM - 2.00PM
    Lunch, networking and time to visit exhibition
  • 2.00PM - 2.40PM
    4A. Building fundraising teams – A look at the recent merger of Fight for Sight and Vision Foundation

    Fight for Sight and Vision Foundation came together in an ambitious merger in April 2023 with a shared mission; to save sight and change lives. In this session, Ranjeet Kharé will share her approach to building a dynamic fundraising team who are empowered to maximise their potential in raising funds for a shared vision. This session will consider common  challenges and untapped opportunities from recruitment to retention, and impart valuable takeaways for stewarding your team to success; including maximising collaboration, encouraging agency and developing individuals.

    Ranjeet Kharé, director of development, Fight for Sight

  • 2.00PM - 2.40PM
    4B. A collective vision for change and transformation - lessons learnt

    The British Red Cross is undertaking a complete transformation, restructure and redesign of its marketing & fundraising function, bringing with it both opportunities and challenges. Cam St-Omer Donaldson is tasked with achieving collective buy-in from both the directorate and wider workforce, and in this session she will share her approach, challenges and successes. Join this session for some practical ideas, lessons learnt and opportunities for change.

    Cam St-Omer Donaldson, marketing & fundraising transformation - engagement and culture, British Red Cross

  • 2.00PM - 2.40PM
    4C. The subscription solution - evolving fundraising models to reach new audiences

    The past decade has seen the rise of convenience culture including the emergence digital subscription model. From Netflix to Hello Fresh and beyond, it's a trend that's changing our relationship with the companies we transact with and infiltrating multiple facets of daily life. This session will focus on ShelterBox's book club subscription model which has just celebrated its fifth birthday.  Join us to learn more about some of the model's successes including reaching new audiences as well as challenges around acquisition and the need to adapt communication style with a supporter base that operate more like customers than donors. 

    Kirsty Alexander, head of supporter engagement, Shelterbox

  • 2.00PM - 2.40PM
    4D.  Navigating the future of fundraising: technology, trends, and timeless principles

    In this session, we'll explore the evolving landscape of fundraising, blending cutting-edge technology trends with timeless principles that are essential for both professionals in fundraising and IT. The goal is to equip you with knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the AI age and efficiently run your fundraising efforts at scale during these transformative times.

    Will De Ath, co-founder, Everfund

  • 2.40PM - 2.50PM
    Transit time
  • 2.50PM - 3.30PM
    5A. Personal development workshop - Boosting mental fitness - essential skills for testing times

    There is a lot of talk in the media about mental health, but how often do we think about mental fitness? If we want to be more energised, adaptable, motivated, and productive, we need to start investing in our minds, the same as we do in our bodies. If you want to learn how to better cope with challenges, improve your health and build high-quality relationships with those around you, this workshop is for you. 

    Charlotte Wiseman, leadership and wellbeing consultant, Charlotte Wiseman Leadership and Wellbeing

  • 2.50PM - 3.30PM
    5B. Breaking barriers - Mencap's approach to accessible events

    In response to feedback from colleagues and beneficiaries, learn how Mencap are making some simple shifts to prioritise accessibility in their events fundraising efforts. From ensuring that people with physical or learning disabilities are fully supported to take part in third-party fundraising events such as the London marathon, through to developing fully flexible DYOT (Do Your Own Thing) challenges that donors can adapt to suit them. Join this session if you are interested in breaking down barriers to participation in order to increase the pool of potential participants, improve supporter experience and maximise return from your fundraising events.

    Ali Styles, community and events fundraising lead, Mencap

  • 2.50PM - 3.30PM
    5C. Panel - Online evolution: How giving platforms are adjusting to a changing environment

    An explosion in dedicated online fundraising platforms can make it difficult to discern their differences and identify the best fit for you and your donors. We invite some specialist giving platforms to share what makes them unique, including how they are developing to improve the donor experience and maximise funds raised. We will also be leaving plenty of time for Q&A to ensure all of your questions are answered!

    Panellists include: Will Irwin, UK and Europe lead, GivenGain and Neil Mehta, chief executive, Givey


  • 2.50PM - 3.30PM
    5D. Leveraging new technology to drive awareness and support for Prostate Cancer UK

    Discover the success story behind Prostate Cancer UK's chatbot, a game-changer in their awareness campaign. The chatbot not only served as a dynamic tool for engaging with participants but also played a crucial role in data collection, garnering over 1 million new pieces of data. Learn about the charity's data automation process and how it played a pivotal role in swiftly ingesting and interpreting the massive influx of data from their campaign. The session will emphasises the importance of quick and meaningful responses to donor data and showcase how this approach can benefit fundraising efforts.

    Gerardo Del Guercio, solutions architect, Prostate Cancer UK

  • 3.30PM - 4.00PM
    Afternoon refreshment and networking break
  • 4.00PM - 4.50PM
    Closing panel: Shock, hope and fear – being bold with emotive campaigns to grab the headlines

    Often, an unsuccessful fundraising campaign boils down to one vital missing ingredient; emotion. In this closing session we debate the role of emotion in fundraising, including what some of the barriers might be to focusing on content that may elicit a strong emotional reaction. Where in the past employing shock tactis was often the norm to galvanise supporters to take action, today we are more inclined to err on the side of caution to avoid causing offence or being too controversial. But what is the right balance? Has the rise of digital fundraising and the way we consume information changed the type of messaging that best connects with people?  We invite our panellists to share their personal views as well as discussing the impact and influence of some recent campaigns that caused a stir.

    Chair - Stephen Cotterill, editor, Fundraising magazine
    Panellists - Noha Al Afifi, interim CEO, Arthritis Action 
    Tracey Pritchard, director of engagement and income generation, RSPCA
    John Grain, director of fundraising, Child Bereavement UK
    Michael Dent, executive director of supporter income and engagement, WWF-UK

  • 4.50PM - 5.00PM
    Chair's closing remarks
  • 5.00PM - 6.00PM
    Networking reception

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