Charity Audit Survey 2020

For 28 years, charities have used Charity Finance's Charity Audit Survey to assess the audit marketplace. The survey has helped them save money and improve the services they receive. This year, ensure your views are part of that by filling out this questionnaire.

Charity Finance

Published 10 times a year, Charity Finance is packed with practical articles and analysis of the latest financial trends, as well as in-depth briefings on technical and legal changes, and benchmarking surveys to help busy finance teams get value for money. With a 25-year history, Charity Finance is the leading finance publication for the sector. Scroll down to find sample copies and an in-depth summary of the content Charity Finance offers.

What's included

Charity Finance provides specialist information that complements and supports your position as a charity financial leader. Charity Finance is written by leading sector experts and each issue is packed with in-depth articles, technical briefings and guides on topics that will resonate throughout financial departments in the sector.

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If your charity would like more than one copy per issue as part of the 12 month subscription please click the + button to add the amount of copies you need. Additional copies are:
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