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Friends of the Earth criticises Times after front page attack

9 Feb 2016 | Governance | Hugh Radojev

The Times today accused Friends of the Earth of “altering documents” and “deceiving” the Charity Commission, but the regulator said its guidance had not been contravened, and the charity described the story as "nonsense".


Friends of the Earth criticises Times after front page attack

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Over 4,750 charities late filing with the Charity Commission

A total of 4,753 charities are currently late filing their accounts or annual returns with the charity Commission, according to figures published on the Register of Charities.

Sarah Wollaston

The Conservative chair of the Commons Health Select Committee has warned the government that its plans for anti-advocacy clauses in charitable grants could have “serious consequences” for public health.

Charity Commission to start live-streaming public meetings

The Charity Commission has announced that people can watch its next public meeting online via a live video stream.

Age Concern charities criticise Age UK over commercial deals

Heads of independent Age Concern charities have said that they chose not to merge with Age UK over fears about its commercial relationships.

Can't help but think that this issue and many of the other bad news stories to have hit the sector over the last few months are rooted in poor governance.

» The story in the Times isn't nonsense, the sector needs to sit up and take notice

‘Draconian’ new clause in government grant agreements bans charities from lobbying

The Cabinet Office has announced a new clause in government grant agreements which will ban charities from using grant money to lobby government and Parliament.

Grants and lobbying: Why Matt Hancock's arguments don't stand up

The government's new clause preventing charities lobbying is based on dubious logic and unreliable research, says David Ainsworth.

Who's Moving: All the latest movers in the charity sector

Comic Relief, Shine, the British Council and more announce their latest appointments.

'Government muzzling charities smells of Stalinism': Twitter reacts to new grant clause

On Saturday the Cabinet Office announced a new clause in its grant contracts which will see charities prevented from lobbying government with grant money. The sector, as well as several MPs, took to Twitter to give their opinions on the new clause.

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