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Finance | 21 Mar 2012

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1. Expert advice: How to become a freelance fundraiser

We know, we know. You love your job, wouldn’t dream of leaving your organisation. Of course. But, just in case you’d been toying with the idea of a freelance career, Kevin Waudby shares some things you need to do and keep in mind before taking the plunge.

2. Expert advice: Maximising returns on fundraising is simple, if you keep it simple

Different types of fundraising require different return on investment ratios, right? Wrong, says Giles Pegram.

3. Analysis: The rise of the online sponsorship platform

When JustGiving launched more than a decade ago, it may scarcely have imagined the fundraising juggernaut it was to become. With the market now full of big-name players, Celina Ribeiro looks at the rise of online sponsorship, and whether there is growth in it yet.

4. Interview: Learn to say 'no' - Douglas Rouse on corporate partnerships

Douglas Rouse joined Save the Children as director of corporate partnerships just over two years ago, and since then income has skyrocketed. The ex-City man talks to about charities getting better at targeting companies – and saying no.

5. Analysis: Fundraising in 2012

Now that 2011 is firmly under our belt, what will 2012 mean for fundraisers? Five leaders in fundraising discuss what the year ahead might bring.


1. Technical briefing: The meaning of 'donation' for VAT purposes

When is a donation not a gift? When HMRC gets involved.

2. Expert advice: Three steps to happiness for all in financial reporting

Well-structured management accounts will get your board onside. Geoffrey Barnett explains how it’s done.

3. Analysis: Social enterprise: Bridging two worlds

Vibeka Mair charts the apparently unstoppable rise in the popularity of social enterprise.

4. Interview: The Cambridge House story

One of the mysteries of the Charity Business saga has been how social action charity Cambridge House managed to come by the electronic and paper records of all the clients. In an exclusive interview with Tania Mason, Cambridge House chief executive Clare Gilhooly tells all – or at least, almost all...

5. Technical briefing: The implications of Wikimedia's successful registration as a charity

Following Wikimedia UK's registration as a charity last year, Tom Murdoch discusses the implications for the sector.


1. Board mechanics: Offensive behaviour of trustees

A chief executive suggests ways to deal with the offensive behaviour of trustees.

2. Strategy: Risk from a governance perspective

Katharine Moss explains the key elements of a successful risk management process.

3. Case study: Members who disagree with the board's decisions

A chief executive and charity offer advice to the leadership of a membership charity under pressure from a small number of unruly members.

4. Model document: Get the most from your audit

Annual financial audits are expensive in terms of money, staff time, and board attention. Dennis Walsh tells us how to wring the most value out of them.

5. Board mechanics: Fundraising volunteer on the take

A fundraiser has been keeping goods donated as prizes for herself. Simon Morrison of the Institute of Fundraising advises the chairman what to do about it.


1. Opinion: Future trends: Predictions for charity IT in 2012

Once again, we asked IT suppliers for their predictions on how IT in the charity sector will change over the next year. Here are their responses.

2. Expert advice: Why charities fail to reach the mobile consumer

Consumers have embraced smartphone technology but the charity sector is lagging behind. Dani Muir explains how charities should harness mobile technology as part of a joined-up marketing strategy.

3. Analysis: Web advice: Understanding the cookie regulations

New regulations on how website owners can track and monitor user behaviour are due to come into effect soon. Adrian Cutcliffe discusses what the new cookie law might mean for charities.

4. Technical briefing: Legal changes ahead for Scottish charity websites

New regulations which will affect all Scottish charity websites have been tabled in the Scottish Parliament and will take effect from 1 May 2012. Gavin McEwan explains.

5. Research: Where now for the IT team?

In a world where charities are increasingly outsourcing to external providers, Gareth Jones examines what the future might hold for IT departments.


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