Locality to deliver government community organiser scheme

Locality to deliver government community organiser scheme

Locality to deliver government community organiser scheme 18

Finance | Vibeka Mair | 19 Feb 2011

Locality has been selected to lead the government’s £15m programme to recruit and train 5,000 community organisers.

Locality, which is the new charity formed through the merger of community organisations bassac and the Development Trusts Association (DTA), will deliver the scheme with 11 partners, including Urban Forum, Voice4Change England and the Centre for Social Justice.

The charity has also already recruited what it calls ten “kickstarter” organisations which will use their local knowledge and expertise to support the recruitment of community organisers and act as local hosts.

Steve Wyler, chief executive designate of Locality, said: “As an independent and community-led network of local practitioners, Locality is well-placed to ensure community organisers are truly rooted in the needs of their communities.  This is an exciting opportunity to create a modern, indigenous English version of community organising with a life and a voice of its own that reflects and nurtures the genuine ‘Big Society’ on the ground”.

The programme will train and support up to 5,000 community organisers from April 2011 to March 2015.  Up to 500 of these will be full-time “senior” community organisers and 4,500 will be part-time and voluntary organisers who will support the senior organisers.

The senior organisers will be paid £20,000 a year during their first year.

The programme was created by the Office for Civil Society in the Cabinet Office (OCS) and forms a key element of the social action pillar of the Big Society.

Locality’s partners for the programme are –

National and specialist partners:
Urban Forum
Faith-based Regeneration Network
Voice4Change England
Church Urban Fund
Manchester Metropolitan University
Goldsmiths University, South East London
Trafford Hall, Chester
St Katherine’s Foundation, East London
Open College Network, Yorkshire and the Humber

Local Kickstarters:
Barton Hill Settlement, Bristol
Birmingham Settlement, Birmingham
Cambridge House, South London
Community Links, East London
Goodwin Development Trust, Hull
Keystone Development Trust, Norfolk
Kirkgate Arts, Cumbria
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester
Penwith Community Development Trust, Cornwall
St Peters Partnerships, Tameside, Greater Manchester

Note: Since going to press Locality has informed Civil Society that it mistakenly included the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) on its national and specialist partners list. Locality said it approached the CSJ in developing the bid, but the CSJ chose not to be involved in any bids to government and no further discussions took place.

project/community worker
Anfield community spring
13 Jul 2011

LIVERPOOL................ If not one of the most deprived areas in the u.k have been chosen.....with high rates of crime, asb, poverty, poor parenting, lack of services, drug and alcohol dependants...... god help us.................

Maureen Lusted
Mid Kent College
28 Apr 2011

How do I apply for the position of community organiser?

Christine Launder
Chief Officer
SW Burnley Community Enterprise Ltd
28 Feb 2011

with reference to 'kickstarters' interestingly the Chief Executive of Barton Hill Settlement Bristol one of the 'kickstarters' is also chair of the board of trustees of locality

James J Paton
Voluntary Local Activist
Better Society
22 Feb 2011

Romantic ideas of community and neighbourhood, if they ever existed, are largely lost.
The collapse of the relationship between where we live and work, with the rise of mobility/commuting and other local institutions e.g church/pub and more locally perhaps the example where parents in one locality, where physically move or send their children to various localities for their education depedning of their ability too play 'post code/religious affiliation lottery or simply pay, further erodes the opportunity for simple interaction between people living in the same neighbourhood/street. Greater leisure time choices perhpas ironically redyuce the time for/with eaxch other even within households.
PS When do the rest of us get a bite at the albeit limited Big Society/Community Organiser cash, or is it just for the usual suspects, however renamed/reorganised connected to vol comm orgs and Government

Anne Bentley
Business Development Officer
Mansfield Woodhouse Community Development Group
22 Feb 2011

As a community group that is making 50% redundancies at present we are concerned that these community organisers will replace experienced community workers. We agree this is re-inventing the wheel. We have served our area for 15 years, we work in an area of deprivation, statistics show we have made a difference, there is still more to do especially helping local people back into work through the volunteering route. How were these areas chosen? We would like to hear from groups such as ours in these areas, and learn how they work with the new community organisers. Why not offer support to existing organisations?

Carl Allen
22 Feb 2011
Response to [Anne Bentley]

For better or worse, or until there is a new government, community development is being reshaped not just being rebranded.

And it is crucial to grasp what the reshaping will be.

Richard Chipps
Thursby Garden Community Action Group
21 Feb 2011

£20,000 per year for SENIOR COMMUNITY ORGANISERS that just about sums up the importance of the post and quality of service and support we can expect. If you pay peanuts........

Peter Martin
project manager (Unpaid)
Longhill Consortium Ltd
21 Feb 2011

In my view, 'Voluntary organisations' have little or nothing to do with Community Volunteering or volunteers. The 'Voluntary sector' uses paid employees to deliver projects, usually through very well paid 'professionals'. Its no different to public sector provision except that, for local communities, obtaining finance from our voluntary sector bosses is impossible because its all tied up in their turnover / profit/wages structure. They do not want any organisation doing or proposing anything which does not fit in with their particular vision or bid profile.Running a big society through the 'Voluntary Sector' will lead only to a rich voluntary sector.

21 Feb 2011

Hold! Who is that at the very centre of the senior specialist partners ... sixth down or sixth up on the list.

It's that's independent sheepdog for social justice and the Big Society newly acquired flock of sheep ... the Centre for social Justice

Gordon J Howley
Partnership Officer
Burnley Community Network
21 Feb 2011

The community already have thousand's of Community Organisers. Why re-invent the wheel. Also why do we believe that Educational organisations and not VCF / Empowerment Networks are the correct organisations to recruit and support local community champions.
As Emma points out major areas are covered but why 2 in Greater Manchester and none in the rest of the Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire?
Let's get local.

Christine Launder
Chief Officer
SW Burnley Community Enterprise Ltd
21 Feb 2011
Response to [Gordon J Howley]

totally agree with Gordon's comments and how were the local kick starters appointed?

Diomedea Exulans
22 Feb 2011
Response to [Christine Launder]

Accountability is not the strong point of this initiative.

22 Feb 2011
Response to [Diomedea Exulans]

Centre for Social Justice is there to ensure political/policy accountability. But as you infer, accountability for effectiveness is another matter.

Nano McCaughan
20 Feb 2011

Well Locality wont upset any apple carts!

21 Feb 2011
Response to [Nano McCaughan]

That's because Locality has jumped on the banana cart.

19 Feb 2011

So, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Hull, Cumbria, Norfolk, Cornwall and Manchester are covered - what about the rest of the country?

Bill Bradbury
laughingly retired
Parish Cllr.
21 Feb 2011
Response to [Emma]

-and Merseyside.

Stop Common Purpose
19 Feb 2011

Jobs for the Common Purpose apparatchiks.

Why do communities suddenly need organisers? Communities have been organising themselves since the year dot.

A typical communitarian policy.


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