Bowel & Cancer Research rebrands to reinforce research focus

26 Jun 2017 News

Bowel & Cancer Research has changed its branding to better reflect the charity’s research commitments, as part of a new nationwide campaign.

The rebrand involves a new brighter logo, and has been launched at the same time as the charity’s I’ve Got Guts campaign – which aims to bust the taboo that surrounds bowel disorders and shine a light on the courage of people who live with them.

The new logo aims to project its “leading position in the field of research into bowel cancer, as well as other crippling and incurable bowel disorders such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome”.

Deborah Gilbert, chief executive of Bowel & Cancer Research, said: “Our charity supports the finest research across the UK into bowel cancer and other bowel diseases by funding the brightest ideas and best talent.

“We have a rich history of research excellence and have developed the new visual identity to reflect this.

“For anyone wanting to get involved in a research-focused charity, we want that message to come across loud and clear.

“Despite the serious impact of bowel disease, it receives about half the research funding that its impact merits, which is why our mission to change lives and save lives by supporting the best research is critical.”

The rebrand, which cost the charity £13,000, came out of a “comprehensive strategic brand review, carried out with Nick Kohn of Beyond Aspiration brand and social impact consultancy”.

Minimart, an independent integrated advertising agency based in Soho, London, also worked with the Bowel & Cancer Research team to design the new logo.

The logo is also being launched in a nationwide ‘I’ve Got Guts’ campaign featuring a variety of “gutsy influencers and Bowel & Cancer Research supporters wearing branded T-shirts” created by campaigns agency East of Eden.

Bowel & Cancer Research said that money raised from the sale of ‘I’ve Got Guts’ t-shirts will go to fund the latest research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer and other bowel diseases – to save and change lives. 


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