Society Diary: Hedgehogs and Coronation chairs for charity

03 Nov 2023 Voices

Civil Society’s satirical columnist looks at how much King Charles’s coronation chairs raised for charities and how to protect hedgehogs...

Very important image of a baby hedgehog

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Happy Friday! Bonfire night looms before us after Halloween activities subside, which were met with the usual amount of excitement by CSM’s residents – which was not a lot.

Diary overheard one reporter asking if they should buy sweets for trick or treaters or opt for turning all of their lights off and pretending they were not home. 

A colleague responded that they should simply answer the door to gleeful children by saying: “Don’t you know there’s a cost-of-living crisis on?”

Needless to say, charities were more eager to get involved in the spooky celebrations. 

Pumpkin disposal

After this week’s festivities, wildlife and bird charity RSPB warned supporters to be careful of how they dispose of their pumpkins. 

Despite how some might think pumpkins could be good fertiliser, they can be dangerous to hedgehogs if they consume them. 

This is because they can upset their digestion, cause dehydration and even be fatal in some cases. 

Spooky driveways for charity

One man Halloween-ified his driveway this week through creating six themed areas. He opened the attraction to the public to raise money for BBC Children in Need. 

Reported by the BBC, Darren Butler created the House of Halloween, and the rooms were built out of wooden pallets, and included lots of props, and a bucket load of fake blood. 

If, like Diary, you are sat thinking: How big is this man’s driveaway?

It apparently stretched across three driveways in total due to the co-operation of the neighbours. Last year, the event raised £2,800 for charity. 

This time, it raised £761 according to Warwickshire World, which also offered a virtual tour of the house on its coverage. 

Coronation chairs raise over £32,000 for charity

Four of the chairs specifically made for King Charles’s coronation have been sold for charity, raising a staggering £32,760 at an auction at Christie’s. 

The charities sharing the proceeds will be Emmaus, SafeLives, the Prince’s Trust and the Prince’s Foundation. 

100 chairs were specially commissioned with blue velvet for the occasion. The question remains: whose royal behind sat on those seats? We may never know, and perhaps that is part of the allure. 

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