Society Diary: Ghosts, chocolate bars and birds

19 Jan 2024 Voices

Civil Society’s satirical columnist fills you in on this week’s quirky charity news...

Three cartoon ghosts being spooky

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Happy Friday, dear readers, and Society Diary hopes you are staying safe while the UK is “double-fisted” by Storm Isha this week, as Metro UK delicately described the freezing conditions.

The Met Office was keen to point out that this is not a term it would use to describe the weather while author Richard Osman encouraged everyone to put their gloves on.

Diary was initially grateful to have learned a new meteorological term, but rather upset to have Googled its meaning on their work computer. 

On an unconnected note, this week’s charity news column features ghosts of the real and chocolate variety. 

Turning back the clock

Ghosts of chocolate past have returned this month, as Cadbury has teamed up with Alzheimer’s Research UK and selling its famous bars in retro packaging. 

To celebrate its 200th anniversary, Cadbury has donated £200,000 to the charity and released limited-edition Dairy Milk bars which feature retro logos from the past, from 1915 to the present day. 

The bars will be in stores until April and include information about the charity partnership on them. 

Ghosts give back

Ghosts are giving back this week, as the BBC reported that a book about a haunted house has raised £20,000 for a local charity. 

Written under the pseudonym of William C. Grave, the author details the supernatural goings on of the Sheffield house he has lived in for 18 years. And boy, did William C. something beyond the Grave…

With over 5,000 copies sold, the book has now raised over £20,000 for Cavendish Cancer Care, and five-star reviews are continuing to roll in. 

A little birdie told me...

The bird charity is back at it again on social media, posting pictures of cute birds with largely unrelated captions. 

This includes bird reactions to the hit murder-themed reality TV show the Traitors (Diary will not share due to spoilers), and superimposing a to-do list on a photo of actress Aubrey Plaza. 

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