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#AtWhatCost: A campaign from Fundraising Magazine to stamp out sexual harassment

01 Jul 2019 In-depth

Sexual harassment is endemic and often ignored to secure donations, but at what cost to fundraisers? Fundraising directors, CEOs and trustees cannot continue to ignore the problem, to give platforms to those who perpetuate this behaviour, or to trivialise or fail to act on complaints from their staff. That is why we have launched this campaign, we will be publishing articles addressing this issue, looking at what organisations are doing, and what more they can or should do.

Sexual harassment is commonplace in fundraising and we have to ask: at what cost? The ends cannot justify the means and nothing can justify sexual harassment. 





Civil Society Media's Charity People & Culture Conference takes place in September and this year the overall theme is 'Wellbeing & inclusion in modernisation'. The programme includes a panel discussion about tackling sexual harassment and misconduct in the charity sector. View the programme and book online here.

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