Richard Maitland

Richard Maitland

Partner and head of charities, Sarasin & Partners from 1992

Richard Maitland is a partner and head of charities at Sarasin & Partners, specialising in the management of long-term multi asset portfolios for charities.

He has been a visiting lecturer at South Bank University Business School, Judge Business School, Cambridge and the University of Stellenbosch.

He authored the Sarasin & Partners Compendium of Investment, and is director of the Alpha Common Investment Funds and a member of the St Paul’s Cathedral Investment Committee.


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Pooled Funds Survey 2014: Dipping into new pools

After a year in which a number of CIFs have closed, Ian Allsop assesses the future of pooled funds in the charity sector.

Richard Maitland, head of charities, Sarasin

A social investment fund worth up to £30m is being proposed by investment house Sarasin & Partners and social lender Bridges Ventures.

The devil's in the detail when it comes to investment management charges

Richard Maitland brings clarity to the opaque world of investment management charges.

Richard Maitland, head of charities, Sarasin & Partners

A detailed knowledge of long-term trends in the market is the key to a sound charity investment strategy, according to Richard Maitland, head of charities at Sarasin & Partners, on the eve of the launch today of his firm’s new edition of the Compendium of Investment.

Sarasin appoints two former Newton managers

Sarasin and Partners has appointed two new investment managers to its charity team, both of whom were previously with Newton.

Richard Maitland, head of charities, Saracin

More than 20 charities with portfolios larger than £10m have invested in Sarasin’s two Alpha Common Investment Funds since they launched five years ago.

Market recovery or false dawn?

Market recovery or false dawn? With equities back to more comfortable levels, Richard Maitland asks whether it can last. In March, investors questioned the prudence of investing in equities. Capitalism was crumbling, with the banking crisis at its height. Even if you had held UK equities since May 1996 you would have lost money on a total return basis in “real” terms.

Robert Brown 1954 - 2008

We are very sad to report the untimely death of Robert Brown (54) on 10th November after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

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