Society Diary: D-Day Jelly Babies and lots of dogs

10 May 2024 Voices

Civil Society’s comedic columnist summarises the big stories in charity land this week...

Help for Heroes

Welcome back, toe rags! Taken aback by this forceful greeting from a usually warm-hearted columnist? Fear not, Diary is merely trying to reintroduce insults at risk of “dying out” of British lexicon. 

This columnist may have been absent from your screens for a while, but it is not through lack of working. 

No, Diary has stepped out of the spotlight to conduct interviews with charity sector leaders, most recently with Fola Komolafe and Dan Corry.

Take a break, I hear you cry! You work too hard! While this columnist is due a trip to the Maldives, the British weather is looking up, so has decided to partake in a Solero in the garden instead. 

Now that that’s settled, let’s take a look at some of the light-hearted charity news stories that took place this week. 

D-Day Jelly Babies

Help for Heroes has announced a partnership with Maynard’s Bassetts Jelly Babies to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day in June. 

Despite the seemingly disparate topics, the baby-shaped treat was initially launched as ‘Peace Babies’ to mark the end of World War I. 

Now, limited edition packs of the sweets will be supporting the armed forces charity, with £25,000 from sales of the product going to Help for Heroes. 

Beano and Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs has partnered with the famous comic Beano to create a unique story ‘A Buddy for Life’ alongside the first audio comic strip for people living with a visual impairment. 

Available as an insert in the May issue of the Beano, the nation’s favourite characters like Dennis and Gnasher meet Hester and her guide dog Pickle and Alex and buddy dog Chance. 

16-year-old Hester became one of the charity’s youngest Guide Dog owners after qualifying with Pickle, and their partnership was documented on Channel 5 series Puppy School for Guide Dogs last year. 

Doggy royalty

Speaking of dogs, footage from Battersea's new For the Love of Dogs has been posted which shows two hounds wolfing down a piece of cake from the hands of new host Alison Hammond.

As well as this, a number of animal charities have had King Charles named as their patron this week, including RSPB, RSPCA and Dog's Trust. 

Dog's Trust has shared an image of the monarch with a dog that is intently sniffing his fingers, with many social media users comparing them to sausages (Diary would never be so rude, of course). It doesn't hurt to check, one supposes. 

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