Best charity April Fools of 2022: The new Wordle, living art and a talking cat

01 Apr 2022 Voices

National Trust: Live action paintings

The National Trust knows it’s disappointing when paintings are missing from exhibitions while they are being restored. It has come up with an interesting solution: using models to pose as the work of art. 

Let’s just hope the models don’t end up involved in any culture wars, especially if they are holding prop swords.

RNLI: Talking cat? 

RNLI released a video interview with Icicle the cat, expressing his gratitude for being rescued from a river. 

The footage from the rescue looks pretty genuine, however the cat interview looks suspiciously like a Deep Fake. 

WWT: Try a Water-dle

This year we’ve all become obsessed with the simple word game Wordle, so it was about time for a charity version. 

To that end, WWT has come up with Water-dle to fill that gap. 

Universal Basic Donation 

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s policy lead, Daniel Fluskey tweeted about plans for everyone to get £25 to donate to a UK charity. As you’d expect his thoughts quickly turned to the Gift Aid implications. 

Civil Society News is still waiting for the Treasury to reply to our fax asking for further details. 

WaterAid: Lemonade becomes WaterAde 

Some excellent word-play from WaterAid, which announced that all lemonade would now be know as waterade, for, um, clarity. 

This could of course get confusing. But hopefully the charity’s corporate partnerships team is already in touch with Schweppes.  

Guide Dogs: Welcome to a new senior leader 

We all know how important it is to involve all stakeholders in leadership positions, so it was great to see Guide Dogs appoint a Chief Canine Officer. 

Mila already seems to getting on with the job with her own laptop, though she could maybe do with a desk? 

Blue Cross: All the best social media posts from Bernard the dog

Spot a trend here? The Blue Cross has recruited Bernard to run the social media channels today. 

Excellent that his ‘to do’ list includes a nap and treats – it’s important staff are not overburdened. 

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