The best charity April fools of 2020

01 Apr 2020 Voices

While many charities and other brands are understandably abstaining this year, some charities have shown some creative flair on 1 April. Here are some of our favourites.

National Trust: Helping squirrels find nuts

Dedicated rangers have been helping hungry squirrels find their nuts. 

RSPB: New bird

RSPB asked its followers to suggest names for a new type of bird. 

Tower of London: Meet the rave master

The Tower of London has rebranded its ravenmaster (the person who looks after its birds) as the rave master. 

Coppafeel: Boobpets 

Breast cancer charity Coppafeel announced a new furry initiative.

Our own fake news

Did you read a story this morning about a new way of raising money just by going to sleep? This was an April fool, but a solid eight hours of sleep is recommended to keep charity staff operating at peak efficiency.