Best charity April Fools of 2021: Banana bread, unicorns and walking on water

01 Apr 2021 Voices

The National Trust: Origins of banana bread

Understanding, and sharing, the history of the places in its care is an important part of the National Trust’s charitable objectives, and today announced that it had discovered the earliest recorded recipe of that lockdown favourite, banana bread. 

Jo King and Poppy Cox, who we definitely believe are real archaeologists, shared their discovery in this video. 

Blood Cancer UK: Do Your Bit-coin 

This morning Blook Cancer UK proudly declared that is was embracing new ways of raising money

On Twitter it said: “With fundraising events paused, we've been working out how to diversify our income. Today marks the world's FIRST charity cryptocurrency: Do Your Bit-Coin.” 

However, here at Civil Society we’re not fooled as we have been sent several press releases over the last three years about launching the “first charity cryptocurrency”. Slightly fewer press releases about cryptocurrencies actually having a meaningful impact on charity income. 

WWF UK: Adopt a unicorn 

Animal charity WWF UK released a film on Twitter urging people to adopt “one of the planet’s most endangered species”, the unicorn. 

Disappointingly, when you click through the charity reveals the devastating truth: “You can't really help protect unicorns, as they've never existed, but you can help protect rhinos instead!” 

However, this suggestion that the unicorns are not real has been disputed by the National Trust for Scotland, which tweeted about a unicorn “spotted this morning in the grounds of Fyvie Castle”. 

RNLI: Walking on water 

Ahead of Easter weekend, RNLI went with a biblical theme and announced that lifeboats would soon be able to walk on water with “extendable foils”. 

One Twitter user was quick to ask about whether the charity could also turn water into wine… 

St John Ambulance: Helicopters? 

St John Ambulance’s national ambulance and community response director, Craig Harman teased an “exciting announcement” for next week alongside a picture of some SJA branded helicopters. 

His boss, Martin Houghton-brown chimed in: “Obviously early days for this project but I am super excited to be developing further our community response and ambulance work.” 

If this were true, it would be a step backwards for the sector’s commitment to collaboration as there are already several air ambulance charities that SJA could have partnered with, instead of duplicating the service. 

Scouts: New animal section

Scouting is for everyone, and now this includes pets. This morning the Scout Association’s Twitter account shared pictures of some of the inaugural members of the new section and invited others to join them. 

This is a truly excellent excuse for more pet pictures on Twitter as we head into a well-deserved bank holiday. 

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