Funding boost announced for regulator

14 Dec 2018 News

The Scottish Government has announced that OSCR’s budget will increase by 10 per cent to £3.3m for the year beginning in April 2019.

In its latest accounts, the regulator warned that its expenses would increase “considerably” this year, after the 1 per cent public sector pay cap was lifted in 2018/19.

This led the regulator to say it would explore for the first time a potential charging model for charities in Scotland.

But the draft Scottish Budget, published yesterday, says that OSCR’s budget will increase by 10 per cent to £3.3m for 2019/20.

OSCR welcomed the increase in funding but said it was only a one-year settlement and that it could still consider charging charities.

A spokesperson said: " It is a positive step towards maintaining proportionate and preventative regulation of Scottish charities.


"Our budget allocation had remained more or less static in cash terms since 2013/14 and this extra provision will help cover significantly increased costs over that time period, and should allow us to proceed with some improvement projects.


"This is however a one-year settlement only, and our planning for medium-term financial sustainability continues, with all options still on the table.


"In terms of any future charging model, we will await with interest the outcome of the Charity Commission for England and Wales’ consultation on a range of possible stakeholder charging models."


The Budget also says the regulator’s priorities will be to:

  • Ensure public confidence in charities through effective regulation and sharing of information;
  • Support charity trustees to understand and comply with their legal duties;
  • Facilitate effective management via straightforward and proportionate reporting;
  • Investigate apparent misconduct in charities, taking remedial or protective action as appropriate.

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