Education charity ordered to pay thousands for unfair dismissal

04 Jan 2024 News

Adobe, by Vitalii Vodolazskyi

Education charity United Learning Trust has been ordered to pay thousands of pounds to a teacher it unfairly dismissed. 

The tribunal documents reveal the claimant was unfairly dismissed by the charity, though there is an 85% chance that he would have been dismissed in any event had a fair procedure been followed.

The claimant was a teacher, who failed to return to work after a sickness leave. He was unfairly dismissed and then victimised after receiving a poor reference, according to the tribunal.

There were two respondents in the case, the first being United Learning Trust. The charity has been ordered to pay a basic award of £2,997.75 for unfair dismissal. 

This is calculated based on seven years’ service at 1.5 weeks’ pay per year, capped at £571 per week. The tribunal has reduced the award by 50% on account of the claimant’s contributory fault.

The respondents were also ordered to pay the claimant the sum of £8,750 in respect of injury to feelings plus interest of around £830. 

They are also ordered to pay the claimant more than £7,190 in respect of past financial losses flowing from the act of victimisation plus interest of around £446. 

The tribunal shows the respondents are ordered to pay the claimant £19,459 in respect of future losses flowing from the act of victimisation, though no interest is payable in respect of those future losses. 

The total sum payable to the claimant by the United Learning Trust alone is £2,997.75, while the total sum payable to the claimant by both respondents, on a joint and severable basis, is £36,677.70.

United Learning Trust has not responded to Civil Society’s request for comment.

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