Dogs Trust takes to Twitter for #dogsatpollingstations 

13 Dec 2019 News

Regardless of political persuasion, voters will have been happy to have seen many a dog outside polling stations yesterday. Dogs Trust encouraged Twitter users to Tag @dogstrust and #DogsAtPollingStations in their polling-day pictures. 

The hashtag has made an appearance at the last few elections, with people tweeting pictures of their dogs accompanying them to vote. It had been trending throughout election day and owners were quick to start posting pictures of their dogs as soon as the polls opened at 7am.

'Paw-litics aside the hashtag is a well-established highlight'

It's illegal to take a picture inside stations but once people voted they took pictures outside the polling booth and shared it with the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations. Dogs Trust said “Paw-litics aside, the hashtag is a well-established highlight of Polling Day”.

The charity also shared some advice for dog-friendly voting, in an attempt to highlight some welfare advice: 

  • “Unfortunately, most dogs aren’t allowed into the polling station, and it’s best not to leave your dog tied up outside or in the car so we’d recommend taking a friend or family member with you
  • Supporting the right to vote can be thirsty business. Encourage your local Polling Station to have a water bowl - perhaps take one with you that you can leave there.
  • It’s unusual for us to have a winter election so, if you are voting after work, consider using a reflective collar and lead or a high visibility coat or flashing collar to make sure other voters and particularly drivers can see your pooch – especially if you live in a rural area.”


Here are some tweets from charities 







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