Dogs Trust partners with Twitter for #dogsatpollingstations

09 Jun 2017 News

Dogs Trust has partnered with Twitter to create an emoji for #dogsatpollingstations and to encourage polling stations to becoming paw-ing stations.

The hashtag has made an appearance at the last few elections, with people tweeting pictures of their dogs accompanying them to vote. It trended in the UK throughout Thursday.

The charity also worked with Twitter to encourage Polling Stations to become “Paw-ng stations” – meaning they are a safe space for dogs.

Jon Gerlis, Dogs Trust campaigns officer, said: “We’re delighted that everyone is as excited by #dogsatpollingstations as we are – and we want to show that with just a few simple steps, Polling Stations can become Paw-ing Stations, by keeping dogs happy and safe, giving the nine million dog owners peace of mind as they vote on polling day.

“We’d like to thank all the Polling Stations who have taken the lead to become dog friendly already, and invite many others to join us, by visiting our website. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos – we want to see lots of happy dogs enjoying their local Paw-ing Stations!”

Dara Nasr, Twitter UK managing director, said: “A great thing about Twitter is the unexpected trends that we see borne out of the imagination of the general public. Nothing encapsulates this more than #dogsatpollingstations where we see this levity in full effect. Plus it gets bigger and more widespread every time we head to the polls.”

Other charities have also used the election to campaign. Guide Dogs is highlighting the issue faced by the visually impaired when faced by obstacles on the pavement, such as cars parked on the kerb and bins. It has produced a video showing puppy candidates racing to the finish line.


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