Charities invited to apply for free TikTok training on how to use platform

24 Apr 2024 News

The Media Trust

TikTok has launched an initiative that will give over 100 charities the chance to receive three weeks of free training on how to use the platform. 

In partnership with Media Trust, the training will focus on how charities can use TikTok for fundraising, advocacy and driving positive change. 

The TikTok Charity Academy will run from 1 to 19 July and is open to applications from today, with the deadline to enter on 21 May. 

Media Trust will host online sessions where charities will learn practical content creation strategies, engagement techniques and best practice for maximising their presence on the app. 

Registered charities based in the UK are eligible to apply. They must have buy-in from senior management for the charity to be active on TikTok and resources to implement its presence on the app. 

TikTok said that if the programme is oversubscribed, it will prioritise allocating 25 places for user-led organisations. 

Media Trust: ‘We want charities to become influential voices on TikTok’

Su-Mei Thompson, chief executive of Media Trust, said: “We want charities to become influential voices on TikTok, using the platform to create better outcomes for both people and the planet.

“TikTok is a unique space where we see younger audiences engaging in the most pressing societal conversations.

“That’s why Media Trust, in partnership with TikTok, will launch the TikTok Charity Academy, equipping charities to create authentic, positive and impactful content.

“And using the platform to combat harmful misinformation and amplify the voices of marginalised communities.”

Olenka Hodge, social impact lead at TikTok EMEA, said: “It’s a pleasure to be working in collaboration with Media Trust on the TikTok Charity Academy, an initiative that aims to support and empower charities to use TikTok to drive positive change.

“Every single day over one billion people come together on TikTok to share their voice, discover communities and learn something new.

“Through this programme we hope that charities across the UK will be able to reach and educate new audiences with their invaluable work.”

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