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CAF produces free fundraising toolkit

05 Sep 2018 News

The Charities Aid Foundation has produced a fundraising guide aimed at small and medium sized charities to help them develop their strategies and campaigns.

Its Fundraising Fundamentals toolkit features “invaluable information for new and established charity fundraisers”. It covers areas including getting started, multichannel fundraising, and knowing and retaining donors.

The toolkit includes “practical hints and tips, how to’ guides, case studies and downloadable infographics”. 

Caroline Forbes, head of marketing at CAF, said: “We are coming up to a busy time for charity fundraisers.  We know from our research that November and December are the peak months for people donating and many charities will currently be planning their campaigns for this time.”

“Our Fundraising Fundamentals guide is full of advice and we created it to give fundraisers a resource to help them make the most of their fundraising activities through this period and beyond.”

The Fundraising Fundamentals guide is available on CAF’s website.


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