Tania Mason

Tania Mason

Tania Mason is group editor at Civil Society Media.

She has been a journalist for 20-odd years and has specialised in the charity sector since 2003. Her experience has included stints on Third Sector, Marketing and PrintWeek magazines as well as agency work involving court reporting and occasional doorstepping of celebs for the tabloids. She started her career with five years on a daily newspaper in New Zealand before moving to London in 1993.

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Reporting expenses

Charity Finance has surveyed the UK’s largest 100 charities to find out whether they intend to publish their expenses following the advice of the Independent Expert Group on Charity Expenses. Tania Mason reports.

GuideStar website back under wing of GuideStar International

GuideStar International has taken back ownership of the GuideStar UK website following the Directory of Social Change’s decision to place GuideStar Data Services into administration.

Reviews of vetting and barring and CRB schemes get under way

The government has begun its review of the controversial vetting and barring scheme, and also confirmed it is to review the criminal records regime at the same time.

Navca chief attacks Sam Younger's remark as 'technocratic nonsense'

Navca chief Kevin Curley has sent an angry letter to Charity Commission chief executive Sam Younger attacking his recent exhortation to the sector to “move from a grants mentality to a contract mentality”.

Congratulations to the RNLI - this only goes to prove that working on long term (and short term for that matter) legacies really pays dividends in the end.

» RNLI legacy income rises to record £118m

Charity Commission can't be exempt from cuts, says Hurd

Minister for civil society Nick Hurd is confident that the Charity Commission can still carry out its work adequately with a much reduced budget.

Transition fund aimed at charities with income of £50k to £10m

The £100m transition fund announced by the government will be targeted at service-delivery organisations that have low levels of reserves and high dependence on public funding streams that are particularly vulnerable to budget cuts, civil society minister Nick Hurd said today.

Transition fund must not reward bad practice, says Navca chief

Navca has described the £100m transition fund as a “big surprise and very welcome” but warned that it should not be allocated to charities in areas where the council has treated the local sector badly.

copyright M Holland

The government plans to spend £470m over the next four years building the capacity of the voluntary sector to deliver the Big Society, it announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review today.

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