Street life: 20 years of international face-to-face fundraising

Street life: 20 years of international face-to-face fundraising

8 Oct 2015 | Stephen Cotterill

It is 20 years since face-to-face fundraising burst onto our streets and revolutionised individual giving. Despite its ripe old age, there is still life in the old legs yet, finds Stephen Cotterill.


Street life: 20 years of international face-to-face fundraising

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Government contracts should prevent charities from campaigning, Tory conference told

Government departments should place clauses in all charity contracts preventing organisations from using public money to campaign, the Conservative Party Conference heard yesterday.

PayPal Giving Fund announces partnership worth over £1m a year to UK charities

PayPal Giving Fund has announced that it has opened a new fundraising platform with digital storefront Humble Bundle which allows gamers to donate to charity when they buy titles.

BRICs offer potential gains and new challenges for face-to-face fundraising

As part of a wider feature on street fundraising worldwide, Stephen Cotterill highlights the fundraising potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Partnership between Sky and World Wildlife Fund ends after raising over £9m

A partnership between World Wildlife Fund and Sky has ended after raising over £9m since 2009, with the charity saying it has safeguarded a billion trees in the Amazon in the process.

The challenge isn't with telephone fundraising, direct mail or 'chugging' per se. The challenge is treating donors as people worthy of respect.

» It's time to cut telephone fundraisers some slack

Don't ask your supporters to give unless you're willing to do it yourself

If legacy fundraisers want supporters to leave gifts in their wills they should leave something in their own, says Michael Clark legacy and in-memory manager at Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Prince Charles speaking at the British Asian Trust annual dinner

Richard Hawkes, former chief executive of Scope, has landed a new job as chief executive of the British Asian Trust, one of Prince Charles' charities.

Rob Wilson accepts all of the Etherington Review proposals on fundraising regulation

The Cabinet Office has announced that it has accepted all of the proposals made in the Etherington Review, including the Fundraising Preference Service, as part of a crackdown on "unethical" fundraising.

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A levy on plastic bags in supermarkets, which comes into force today, will raise more than £70m per year for charities, according government estimates.

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