Society Diary: Who has been impersonating the Fundraising Regulator?

24 Jan 2020 Voices

This is Gerald Oppenheim, head honcho of the Fundraising Regulator, or is it?

Happy February! What do you mean the calendar says it’s still January? 

This week we ask the important questions: who has been impersonating the Fundraising Regulator’s chief executive, and what animal best represents your charity? 

Gerald who?

For a relatively new regulator still trying to raise its public profile, the Fundraising Regulator has had more than its fair share of impersonators. This has ranged from numerous phishing scam attempts in its name, to the bizarre case of a car driving around using its logo. 

But now it’s personal. The regulators' chief executive, Gerald Oppenheim, was the victim of a Twitter impersonator. 

Of course Diary knew immediately that this was a fake account, because after being followed by one of Diary’s diligent colleagues, the account sent a private message in a cheery and upbeat, if somewhat vague, tone. We know Gerald is far too hardworking to spend his afternoons gossiping with the likes of us! 

Anyway, the account has now been disabled by Twitter. So while the platform may be a cesspit of trolls, misogynists, racists, homophobes, transphobes and other phobes yet to be invented, at least there is only one Gerald Oppenheim. 

What animal are you? 

Earlier this week, philanthropy magazine (and Civil Society Media’s upstairs neighbours) Alliance published a new guide profiling philanthropic bodies in Europe. 

This included each organisation answering the question: “if your organisation was an animal, what would it be?” 

The Association of Charitable Foundations said it would be a kangaroo as it is “leaping forward and supporting all our members in our pouch to come with us”. 

Philanthropy Ireland said: “A duck! Collective is important, always appearing calm and composed, but working hard underneath!”

This prompted hot discussion about what animal Civil Society Media is. Diary suggests we need more than one animal. Those on Charity Finance magazine should be something hard-working and efficient, with laser focus, like a race horse. Over on Fundraising Magazine it could be something enthusiastic, social and loyal, like a Labrador, while Governance & Leadership is like a wise owl.

Meanwhile online news is more akin to a rabbit, bouncing from one thing to the next. 

Diary, obviously, is committed to being a sloth.  

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