Society Diary: Led By Donkeys is demanding £1m from the Brexit Party for charity 

22 Nov 2019 Voices

What a shame Led By Donkeys could not find a more flattering photo of Nigel for their website!

Happy Friday. Diary hopes you’ve all managed to dig out your winter thermals, woolly hats and snuggly coats as winter, unlike any clear charity policies from any political party, has well and truly landed. 

If Diary had a Twitter account it would definitely have rebranded it as FactCheckUK to ensure the truth as we see it is being amplified in fuchsia pink across social media. Alas the bosses here have been quite firm about not opening any social media accounts that could lead to “unedited rambling”. 

Anyway, this week we take an in-depth look at an attempt to get Nigel Farage to cough up £1m for charity. 

‘In the spirit of goodwill and Christmas cheer we are willing to give it to him. For a million quid.’

Who would you think owned the website “”? Surely that would be the brand new political party, The Brexit Party, led by everyone’s favourite Eurosceptic and radio host, Nigel Farage?

Well you would be wrong. It’s actually owned by the campaign group, Led By Donkeys. 

For months Led By Donkeys has been reproducing tweets and other campaign promises that were made during the referendum on the EU and placing them on billboards where they can cause maximum embarrassment. 

In genius move it snapped up the website domain and is now happily squatting, while Nigel and his lawyers send frantic letters, citing EU law. Yes really, they are trying to use THE SAME EUROPEAN LAW that they are literally demanding to be unshackled from in order to compel Led By Donkeys to hand over the keys to the website.

Undeterred, the people behind Led By Donkeys have offered Farage and Co the website, in return for a donation to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. 

The website states: “Farage has no legitimate claim on the website. We bought it, it’s ours. However... in the spirit of goodwill and Christmas cheer we are willing to give it to him. For a million quid. All proceeds to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (the price goes up £50k a day).

“Over to you Mr Farage. If you really want this website then stump up the cash.”

Diary is torn about this. While it is always good to be on the side of deserving charities getting £1m to do good works, Diary is enjoying the advent calendar that Led By Donkeys has started and kind of wants to find out how it ends. 

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