Whistleblowing charity changes name to Protect

12 Sep 2018 News

Whistleblowing charity Public Concern at Work has this week changed its name to Protect, as part of a review of how it reaches whistleblowers.

The charity, which turns 25 in October, also has a new website. A spokeswoman said that the charity did most of the changes in-house, including running surveys with some of its corporate clients it works with, individual whistleblowers and a YouGov survey on the name change.

It also has a new strapline – “speak up, stop harm”. It said the new name is "part of a refresh and review of our work looking at how we reach whistleblowers".

Protect said it estimated the work cost the charity between £8,000 and £10,000, which included website support, the new logo, and a new corporate video. 

Francesca West, protect’s chief executive, said: “We aim to protect workers’ rights, organisations' reputations, and wider society, by encouraging safe and responsible whistleblowing. We believe that whistleblowing ultimately protects customers, beneficiaries, staff and the organisation itself”.

She added, “We are hearing great things from stakeholders that our new name Protect and our strapline 'Speak up, stop harm' really gets to the heart of the issue and highlights the incredible value of whistleblowing.”

The charity, which describes itself as the UK’s first whistleblowing charity, said it has supported more than 40,000 people in its 25-year history.

As part of its 25th birthday celebrations, Protect is planning a whistleblowing exhibition in October and said later in the year it will begin lobbying for reform of the whistleblowng law PIDA - the Public Interest Disclosure Act.

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