Scope launches new more accessible brand

23 Aug 2018 News

Scope has today launched a “new and clearer brand” to reflect how it has evolved as an organisation and to make it more accessible for disabled people.

The charity has a new logo, strapline, font and colour scheme, and is changing its tone of voice and the way it represents itself through photography and images. 

Its new logo represents what it is about: Scope =/stands for Equality for disabled people. It said that it has used the equals sign because it is an internationally recognised symbol for equality.

The brand refresh was launched alongside a new campaign for the charity to encourage everyone to become “Disability Gamechangers”.

A spokesperson from Scope told Civil Society News that the charity had spent £50,000 on the design and development of its visual identity, which included research with disabled people to understand how to develop a brand that would be as accessible as possible. 

It worked with brand and communication agency The Team throughout the process, and consulted with disabled people in a focus group to understand the barriers that they can face when interacting with a brand. 

The research covered a range of elements from colour, typography, layout and imagery. Scope said that the insight gained from this “broke many of the common myths around accessibility and armed The Team and Scope with critical knowledge that went on to inform the new visual identity”.   

Scope said that market analysis it has previously undertaken had shown that people are aware of Scope, but that they were unclear about what it did as a charity and what it wants to achieve in society. It said that over the years, it has changed as an organisation to reflect the challenges faced by disabled people.  

It said that in order to mirror those changes and deliver its strategy, it needed a new and clearer brand. It said that the look and feel of its new brand is ”quite different” to its previous brand. 

Scope also said that one of the key things it wanted to do with the brand was to give itself more graphic tools and images to be recognisable to the public.

Scope said that at the heart of its brand is its uniquely customisable font, which it has called Hargreaves after Bill Hargreaves, the first disabled person to sit on Scope’s council. The font has been designed to maximise legibility and includes a large x-height, open counters, and a robust stroke weight. It also has generous spacing between each letter, and no ambiguity between letters and numbers.

Disability Gamechangers

Scope said that to change society and achieve equality for disabled people, it needs to be recognisable as a disability equality charity that offers services that support disabled people and their families through the challenges they face, brings together disabled and non-disabled people to fight to end injustice and runs campaigns that will help us achieve our goal of a fair and equal society. 

It said that this is why Scope is calling on “everyone – businesses, politicians and the public – to become Disability Gamechangers and share what they are doing to create equality for disabled people”.

Scope said that anyone working to challenge stigma and negative attitudes is a Disability Gamechanger, and that change requires action at all levels in society and everyone can play their part.

Danielle Wootton, head of marketing at Scope, said: “Half of disabled people feel excluded from society. 

“Life can be much harder for many disabled people - from being overlooked in the workplace to being humiliated on public transport.
“Our new brand is about bringing people together to fight for equality for disabled people.  

“That’s why we are calling on anyone who supports disability equality to become a Disability Gamechanger.
“Every element of our brand has been created with accessibility at the heart of it. We consulted with disabled people to understand the barriers they face when interacting with brands. The insight we received was integral to the end result. 

“We are committed to creating a fairer society and want people to join us to make that happen - with our new brand and identity leading the way.” 

Scope is also running a Twitter campaign to encourage support for the #DisabilityGamechanger movement by getting people to change their Twitter profile pictures to an image featuring the hashtag in support of the charity.

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