Public asked to donate to small charities in SCC's first advert

15 Dec 2017 News

The Small Charities Coalition has unveiled its first advertising campaign, to coincide with Local Charities Day taking place today. 

An advert featuring snippets from six small charities, and asks viewers to consider donating to smaller charities rather than household names this Christmas. 

It was produced on a pro bono basis by TV advertising agency Tigervision and is set to an original piece of music composed by a volunteer. It is hosted on YouTube and being shared on social media. SCC is appealing to television channels to give it airtime. 


Mandy Johnson, chief executive of the Small Charities Coalition, said: “Whilst we don't want to criticise the larger charities for the amount they spend on advertising, we felt it was important that the Small Charities Coalition does something to ensure that small charities aren't forgotten during the festive period.”

Emily Swords, the chief executive of Theodora Children’s Charity, one of the charities featured in the advert, said: “With our frontline resources stretched we find it difficult to find the time to carry out extra fundraising activities to cover the additional costs that we incur. In the meantime, we know that many people will be donating to larger charities who can afford to advertise on TV or send letters asking for support. We are grateful to the Small Charities Coalition for including us in their advert as it’s something we could never afford to do on our own.”

The other charities featured are Ace of Clubs, which supports homeless and vulnerable people, The Black Heroes Foundation, an arts and culture charity, Greyhound Rescue Jersey and Jersey Alzheimer’s Association. 


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