RSPCA reveals major rebrand following sale of headquarters

11 Apr 2024 News

RSPCA logo

RSPCA has rebranded for the first time in 50 years, after financial modelling suggested it could lose significant income if no change was made.

Global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie developed the new purpose and brand identity. Blue remains the dominant brand colour but in a brighter shade. 

The charity said the rebrand costs were “less than 1% of our annual animal welfare operations”, with profits from the sale of its headquarters in Southwater going towards it.

“This investment is an investment in animal welfare – it will help us significantly grow our income and spend more on animal welfare in the future,” an RSPCA spokesperson said.

“The scale of the challenges facing animals are so great, we cannot afford not to.”

‘If we do nothing, we will lose significant income’

A spokesperson for the charity told Civil Society that extensive research showed the previous brand was holding the RSPCA back.

They said: “We have great awareness but while many people know who we are, the strength in the brand weakens when it comes to how much they like us and drops even more when considering donating. 

“Many people don’t understand the breadth of the work we do, that we are ‘for every kind’ of animal – not just the thousands we help through our vital rescue work, but for millions more through our advocacy, education and prevention work.

“And critically that everyone has a role to play in improving animals' lives.”
The spokesperson said financial modelling showed that “if we do nothing, we will lose significant income over the next 10 years”.  

“As the threats facing animals change – from the impact of the cost of living crisis to the immense scale of intensive farming – we have to change too, so we stay relevant and are effective in meeting these challenges,” they said.

“But we can’t face these challenges alone. We need as many people as possible to join us, to donate, volunteer and campaign.”

‘Bolder, brighter, welcoming brand’

Chris Sherwood, chief executive of RSPCA, said: “Our bolder, brighter, welcoming brand, aims to inspire everyone, whoever they are, to get involved so that together we can help animals now and for many years to come.

“Our brand hasn’t been updated since the 1970s and it has been holding us back in becoming the modern, forward-facing RSPCA we want to be.

“We need people to reappraise us and rethink our place in the world if we are going to face up to the huge challenges facing animals. “

Sherwood said RSPCA wanted more people to get involved, through giving their time, campaigning, advocacy, and donating. 

Celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, the charity also unveiled a new marketing campaign platform with the strapline For Every Kind.

As part of the campaign, the RSPCA is calling on people to do one million kind acts for animals to celebrate the charity’s 200th year.

Its most recent accounts on the Charity Commission website state the RSPCA had an income of £152m and total expenditure of £127m in 2022.

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