Online giving to Muslim charities 'up almost 500 per cent during Ramadan'

04 Jul 2017 News

Donations to Muslim faith charities through JustGiving was up 483 per cent during Ramadan in comparison to the month before, figures have revealed.

The figures from online fundraising platform JustGiving show that a total of over £1m was raised for Muslim Faith charities and through crowdfunding pages relating to Ramadan, Eid and Zakat, with £890,000 going to Muslim Faith Charities, and £168,000 raised through these crowdfunding pages.

The figures was based on an analysis of 106 charities, and showed a sustained increase in the scale of giving both during Ramadan and over a longer time period.

JustGiving said there was also a 68 per cent increase to the amount raised during Ramadan through the website in 2015.

It said that in the last three years, JustGiving saw an average of just under one million pounds donated to Muslim charities over each Ramadan month. This includes a rush of donations at the end of the month which coincides with Eid-al-Fitr.

Worth £100m in 2016

The Charity Commission and the Muslim Charities Forum estimated that British Muslims gave approximately £100m to charitable causes in the UK in 2016 during the month of Ramadan.

This year, Ramadan coincided with the Grenfell Tower fire. Muslim faith charities responded and Muslim Aid, jointly with Islamic Relief, raised over £73,000 for affected families and collected over 60 tonnes of supplies for affected residents.

JustGiving has also seen hundreds of crowdfunding pages opened by individuals raising money for specific causes during the month of Ramadan. A total of £168,104 relating to the Muslim faith raised by crowdfunding projects during Ramadan 2017.

Rhys Goode, PR director at JustGiving, said: “There are a number of religious periods over the year which see an increase in donations on JustGiving, and Ramadan is no exception. This rise coincides with a sustained increase of charitable giving to Muslim faith charities.”


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