Muslim Charities Forum estimates that £100m raised during Ramadan

18 Jul 2016 News

A spokeswoman from the Muslim Charities Forum has said that the organisation estimates that approximately £100m was given to charitable causes during the month of Ramadan.

The spokeswoman said that between the Muslim Charities Forum and the Charity Commission, they estimated that British Muslims gave over £100m to charity during the holy month of Ramadan, which represents a total of £38 given every second.

In a blog, Nick Donaldson, outreach manager at the Charity Commission, wrote that he had heard of “numerous people giving single donations of up to £30,000” and that a “total of 22,000 cakes were delivered on long, hot Sundays during Ramadan by volunteers who were themselves not eating or drinking”.

He also praised the fact that so many make donations even though they wouldn’t “get to see the projects they are supporting” as many of the projects are based overseas.
The MCF spokeswoman said that at this stage the £100m figure is an estimate and represented giving across the sector.

The spokeswoman confirmed that MCF members raised approximately £45m over Ramadan so far. She said that concrete figures would be available at the end of the week. 
The Muslim Charities Forum is made up of 14 charities, including Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid and the African Relief Fund. Last year, MCF member organisations raised over £60m during Ramadan.

In May, Islamic Relief UK launched a campaign on buses across the country aimed at trying to help change the “negative climate around international and around the Muslim community in this country”.

The campaign saw advertisements placed on buses in London, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham and Bradford with the line “Subhan Allah” – which means “Glory to God” in Arabic.

The ads featured on 180 buses in London and 460 more across the UK’s other cities.


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