One in seven UK adults plan to volunteer for the first time in 2024, survey says

09 Jan 2024 News

By Elroi/Adobe

Some 14% of UK adults plan to volunteer for the first time this year, according to a new survey. 

The National Lottery Community Fund’s (NLCF) community research index surveyed over 8,000 respondents across the UK to gather the findings.  

Half of respondents said they intended to take part in formal or informal local volunteering activities this year. 

Those who intended to volunteer this year were given multiple options for where they would choose to do so, with 30% saying food banks, 29% saying in charity shops, 30% contributing to the environment and 29% supporting older people.

Overall, 64% of respondents said they were willing to work with others to improve their local community.

Respondents’ top community priorities for 2024 were related to its physical environment such as safety on the streets (60%) and young people having places to go and things to do (44%).

Meanwhile, the top wellbeing concern was supporting people with the rising cost-of-living (30%). 

CEO: Communities will pull together in 2024

David Knott, chief executive of the National Lottery Community Fund, said: “It’s clear that 2024 will be another year where communities pull together to tackle shared challenges and to support each other.

“A continued sense of community spirit and belonging, and a desire to be involved (including volunteering) are welcome bright spots that set the tone for the year ahead.  

“Local people know what their community needs and have the passion, energy and know-how to make it happen.

“This year they will have even more grassroots funding support as we have doubled the amount and term of our small grants programme, National Lottery Awards for All. It’s a key part of our drive to use our funding to strengthen society and improve lives across the UK in 2024 and beyond.” 

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