List published to recommend ‘hidden gem’ charities for donors

23 Nov 2023 News

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A list has been published to recommend “hidden gem charities”, whose programmes are shown to be effective, to prospective donors.

The Good Giving List, created by sector consultancy Giving Evidence and focusing on charities operating in the UK, aims to ensure that donors’ money will improve lives.

Caroline Fiennes, director of Giving Evidence said: “When savvy financial investors make investment decisions, they use independent assessments of companies’ performance and prospects. But this sort of information is very hard to find about charities.”

She added the organisation created The Good Giving List “so that any donor can easily find charities which succeed and which they can support confidently”. 

“The recommended charities are hidden gems: not household names, but nonetheless proven to deliver results.”

The Good Giving List, which was created using a grant from an anonymous charitable foundation, uses existing research by various independent organisations which assess the effectiveness of social programmes.

By analysing that research, the list identifies charities that run programmes which have been found to be effective. 

The list also runs some checks on those charities, for example to check that their financials are sound. 

It launched this week with seven recommended charities in three subsectors, and aims to expand to cover more sectors and include more charities over time.

Giving Evidence said it has no financial relationship with any of the charities listed.

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