Fundraising Regulator board agrees ‘way forward’ for FPS

28 Nov 2016 News

The Fundraising Regulator has said that its board has agreed “a way forward” for the Fundraising Preference Service. 

In the notes from the last board meeting of the Fundraising Regulator, dated to 16 November and published late last week, the regulator said the board discussed the Fundraising Preference Service in detail. The notes said that the board reached a decision “agreeing a way forward for the FPS” and a means of “procuring” it. 

The note said: “Finally the Board had a discussion on the Fundraising Preference Service. The Board were presented with a summary of the responses to the FPS Discussion Paper and the broad themes of the comments. The detailed discussions that followed concluded with the Board agreeing a way forward for the FPS. In addition the Board also agreed an approach for procuring the FPS.”

A spokesman for the Fundraising Regulator refused to comment today, when asked what was agreed in regards to the FPS at the last board meeting. 

Organisations outside of the levy able to register with regulator from December or January

The Fundraising Regulator did confirm however that a new IT system which will allow organisations currently outside of the banded levy to register with the watchdog will be in place possibly as early as December, or January.

The fee to be paid by smaller organisations looking to register with the Fundraising Regulator will be based on annual income and will be on a sliding scale, following the approach of the old FRSB. 

The Regulator also confirmed it had made “minor amendments” to the term of reference for its Standards Committee as they relate to Scotland’s independent fundraising panel. 

The spokesman said: "The earlier version of the terms of reference for the Standards Committee had not fully covered representation from the devolved nations, so the following has been inserted: ‘The Committee may also include representatives from the devolved nations’.  Once we have a Wales Board member in place, once we know what’s going to happen in Northern Ireland and once we have had the opportunity of discussion with Scotland’s Independent Panel (which arrives on 8 December), we will be able to determine how that representation will work." 


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