Fundraising Regulator says the FPS is ‘at least six months’ away

04 Jul 2016 News

Stephen Dunmore, interim chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator, said that the Fundraising Preference Service is still “at least six months away” earlier today. 

Speaking at the Institute of Fundraising Convention, held in London today, Dunmore (pictured) said that the final recommendations from the FPS working group headed by George Kidd would be presented to the board on 13 July. 

The Fundraising Regulator will then publish a “brief consultation paper” on the issue of the FPS, much in the vein of the recent paper it released on its levy and registration models. 

"The working group has considered the feedback you’ve given on its initial consultation document,” said Dunmore. “They will be putting their recommendations to the board on 13 July, after which we’ll produce the final proposals for the FPS, which we will circulate for comment."

He said that, despite this progress, a fully implemented and working FPS is still “at least six months” away. 

Dunmore also said that the discussion period about its levy and registration paper, which was published last week, will close on 22 July. Dunmore encouraged “as many of you as possible to contribute to that as we need to get the levy up and running to continue as a viable organisation beyond August”.

Dunmore said that 45 of the 50 charities that were approached by the Fundraising Regulator to contribute funding when the Regulator first began have now agreed to support its set-up costs. 

Dunmore also said that the Fundraising Regulator’s full process for complaints adjudications would be published on its website on Thursday, to coincide with its official launch. 

“When we launch on Thursday the other thing that will be available is our process for adjudication and complaints, which will be posted on our website. At that point we will take over responsibility for regulation from the FRSB. 

“They will continue to work on one or two cases that they’re still working on. There’s a sharing of staff and intellectual property there. So they’ll complete a handful of cases and will then pass that on to our adjudication committee."

Update on the standards committee

Suzanne McCarthy, independent chair of the standards committee, who was also speaking at the event, said that a merged IoF and PFRA would have a special, permanent role on what is otherwise a majority lay-member board. 

“We have agreed that the IoF will have observer status on the committee. They will be the only permanent observers on the committee.” 

McCarthy also promised that there would not be an immediate review of the existing Code of Fundraising Practice when it passes into the hands of the Fundraising Regulator and its standards committee.


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