Fundraising Regulator asks for weekly feedback on FPS

24 Feb 2017 News

Gerald Oppenheim, head of policy and communications at the Fundraising Regulator

The Fundraising Regulator has today launched a consultation where it is asking charities, sector professionals and the public to give them weekly feedback on the development of the Fundraising Preference Service.

The ‘Have Your Say’ consultation asks those interested in the service to register online to receive a “brief weekly email” from the regulator between March and May. This will ask for their opinion on several different aspects of the FPS, ranging from appearance to function.

Gerald Oppenheim, head of policy and communications at the Fundraising Regulator, said: “We are committed to making the FPS’ development an inclusive process, which is why “Have Your Say” is so important. The service’s priority is protecting the public, but we also need the views of the charity sector.

“The service is an important step in rebuilding the public’s trust in the sector, although on its own it is not a ‘silver bullet’. It demands the cooperation and commitment of charities, there is clear progress being made, however there is still a long way to go.”

Due to launch this summer

The FPS is due to launch in early summer, and gives individuals the option to opt-out of direct marketing communications from named charities. This will include communications by phone, email, text and direct mail. FPS will operate both online and via telephone.

Last August the Fundraising Regulator published a first consultation for the FPS model, which closed in September. A spokesman for the Fundraising Regulator said that the consultation announced today is based on the model announced after that consultation.

The 'Have Your Say' consultation focuses on the "detail and design" of the model, and "importantly, the consultation is a chance for the public to have their say".


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