#CharitySoWhite campaign calls for 'urgent action' to tackle racism in charities

20 Aug 2019 News

Fatima Iftikhar, who uncovered a racist Citizens Advice training slide last week, has launched a campaign calling for “urgent action” on racism in the charity sector.

Iftikhar, who founded a community group for people of colour in the sector, #POCIMPACT, last week raised serious concerns about training material used by Citizens Advice. She has now said it was not a “one-off” and is encouraging people to share their experiences of racism in the sector. 

She told Civil Society News: “A few of us are coming together to launch this campaign #CharitySoWhite to kick-start wider conversation and action in the charity sector. 

“We want people to understand that the Citizens Advice training is not a one-off shocking incident and that urgent action needs to be talking about institutional racism across the sector.”

The campaign launches today on #CharityTuesday to “get people to share more widely their experiences of racism in the charity sector, following on from the CA scandal”.

In an article last week for Gal-dem, a publication that shares perspectives from women and non-binary people of colour, Iftikhar, said the sector is failing to take action to address inequality and lack of diversity, and criticised Citizens Advice for its reaction last week. 

“The snapshot I posted on Twitter from the Citizens Advice training session could have very well been a training slide from many other charities,” she wrote. “While they all quickly set about reviewing their websites and online presence to remove overtly harmful materials, I hope they do not stop at surface level actions that prioritise protecting their reputations over ensuring they are serving their communities and users.”

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