Charity Commission refers 30 cases to police related to Israel Gaza conflict

04 Apr 2024 News

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The Charity Commission has made more than 30 referrals to the police following the outbreak of the Israel Gaza conflict, Civil Society understands.

It also has more than 100 regulatory interventions ongoing at charities in relation to the conflict, it is understood.

The regulator is investigating where there are allegations of wrongdoing by charities following the outbreak of the Israel Gaza conflict.

It has made the 30 referrals to the police, in cases where it considers that a criminal offence may have been committed. 

These organisations have been contacted, and as a result of engagement some have removed relevant social media or website content.

Civil Society understands that some have suspended employees and contractors, and have removed their organisation as signatories of open letters.

Ongoing inquiries

Recent cases have involved the regulator opening statutory inquiries into Al-Tawheed Charitable Trust over an event held at its premises and the Al-Manar Centre Trust over serious concerns about a video post.

Commission chair, Orlando Fraser, previously said the regulator is assessing a “significant number of serious concerns” regarding some charities’ activities in relation to the conflict.

He added the regulator was aware of several “allegations of antisemitic or hate speech” linked to charities in England and Wales, and said the Commission would act if it found wrongdoing by any of the charities.

Fraser also warned organisations not to “allow their premises or events to become forums for hate speech or unlawful extremism”.

He said that while many charities in the UK have stepped up “their efforts to promote cohesion and combat extremism”, “reports of antisemitic and anti-Muslim hate crimes have been increasing”.

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