Charity Commission produces knowledge test quiz for trustees

25 Sep 2023 News

The Charity Commission has began the next phase of its campaign that aims to increase charity trustees’ knowledge.
As part of this, the regulator has introduced a quiz which aims to increase trustees' awareness of the Commission’s five minute guides and enables trustees to test their knowledge of their duties and responsibilities.

The quiz takes around three minutes and prompts participants to test their knowledge on a range of topics, such as conflicts of interest and safeguarding. 

Feedback is provided for each question, and users are pointed to further guidance from the regulator.
Each participant also receives a score out of 10, allowing them to benchmark their knowledge.
The quiz is designed to engage trustees with a variety of questions based on everyday scenarios that they may encounter at their charity.

It has been designed to help identify knowledge gaps and is an ideal refresher for trustees at all levels of experience, according to the regulator. 

The Commission states that the majority of trustees feel confident in their ability to manage their charities, however there may be areas of knowledge they can improve on, so the quiz is intended to encourage trustees to inspire upskilling.

‘We encourage all trustees to take our new quiz’

Paul Latham, director of communications and policy at the Commission, said: “The 700,000 trustees in England and Wales provide a vital service, not just to their individual charity, but to society more widely.
“As regulator, we have an important role in supporting them to do the best job possible, ensuring they have the resources they need to fulfil their legal duties and responsibilities with confidence.

“Our trustee campaign aims to do just that, engaging trustees with thought-provoking content, and encouraging them to reflect on their skills and knowledge and whether there are any gaps in their awareness that our guidance can help fill.
“We encourage all trustees to take our new quiz – it’s quick and designed to be fun, but it will also help you assess your own knowledge, and take action to address any areas in which you might need more support or learning.”
The online campaign runs from 25 September until 12 November.

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