Scope is the first organisation to publish details of disabled employees' experiences

01 May 2019 News

Scope has published a "pioneering" report about the experiences of its disabled employees and the mental health and wellbeing of all staff, and has urged others to follow suit. 

The disability equality charity is believed to be the first organisation to share details of its workforce's experiences, following the introduction of a new voluntary reporting framework from the governemnt last November. 

Some 17 per cent of Scope's employees have an impairment, condition or identify as disabled. This is broadly in line with the proportion of working-age disabled people in the UK (18.6 per cent). 

In Scope's report, Disability and Wellbeing Report, 86 per cent of survey respondents said they are confident supporting and including disabled colleagues. But the report also identified areas for improvement. It said the charity was looking to better its sytem for making reasonable improvements and has work planned to understand factors that contribute to people feeling stressed. 

Be more transparent

Scope is also calling for other organisations to be more transparent.

“At Scope, we’re campaigning for employers to monitor and publish data about the proportion of their workforce who are disabled, and the experiences of disabled staff,” the report said.

The report argued that transparency in the sector would help employers understand barriers to employment that disabled people face and will help them become more inclusive.

It added: “If we are to close the gap between disabled and non-disabled people’s employment opportunities, all employers will need to step up and commit to shifting workplace policy and attitudes.”

Scope said that its future reports will be more detailed and will include data on disability training. It suggested the wider sector follow suit.

Janina Vallance, executive director of people and change at Scope, said: “We know that employers who recognise disabled people’s talent in the workplace will thrive. By leading by example and being open about our performance, including areas where we know we need to improve, we want to encourage other businesses to report, and work with us to make inclusive workplaces a reality.”

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