'Charities must improve storytelling to attract more major donors'

23 Jan 2019 News

Charities need to change the way they share information to attract major donors, a charity consultant has advised.

Speaking at the Institute of Fundraising's Major Donor Fundraising Conference on Monday, Caroline Underwood, chief executive of fundraising consultancy, Philanthropy Company, outlined the major trends in philanthropy and major giving and said that the information that charities share needs to be easily “digestible” if they hope to attract donors.

“We are all incredibly sophisticated in the way we get information,” she said. However: “As a sector we have been absolutely rubbish at getting out information into a relevant form.”

She said that charities rely on graphs and other complex ways of packaging information, but that they would be better placed moving to platforms like YouTube to use as a storytelling method.

She added that the major question fundraisers need to ask is “how do I make this information digestible to major donors?”

Doing so would improve levels of trust in charities and help people feel connected with the cause, she argued.

Apart from storytelling, she said that the other major trends in fundraising were reputation management and who the new major donors are, with a shift to younger people donating large sums to charity.

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