Charities have 'a question to answer' on diversity, says NCVO

11 May 2018 News

The charity sector needs to ask itself whether it is the “mirror” to society that it aims to be, NCVO’s director of policy said earlier this week. 

Karl Wilding, director of public policy and volunteering, was speaking at the launch of this year’s UK Civil Society Almanac when he urged the sector to reflect on whether it is doing enough on diversity. 

Wilding said there was a “reasonable question that we have to answer” about “whether we reflect the communities we serve” and “whether or not we are the mirror to the society we want to be”. 

He said that the charity sector should be diverse, as it “covers all sorts of causes with organisations for every type of issue you can think of” and “it is something that we have been talking about an awful lot”. 

But figures published with the almanac show that just 9 per cent of the sector’s workforce come from a black or other minority ethnic group. 

It is the latest piece of evidence published in the last few months which has raised questions about BAME representation in the sector. 

Last month research from Inclusive Boards found that 80 per cent of charity senior leadership teams were all white, while Acevo’s annual survey of its members found that 95 per cent of respondents were from 

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