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Cancer Research UK tops charity brand value league table

27 Nov 2018 News

Cancer Research UK has come top of a new league table ranking 100 large charities by the value of their brand. 

A research agency, Morar HPI, has come up with the ranking based on tracking 65,000 people’s views of over 120 charities over the course of the year. 

The top 100 charities were found to have a combined brand value of £20bn. 

Its brand value score aims to indicate what the charity’s brand is worth in terms of current and future fundraising. It looks at what the role of the charity’s brand is in generating its fundraised income, to come up with a percentage of branded fundraised income. It then looks at strength of a charity’s brand, scoring it out of 100. 

Brand value is calculated by multiplying the branded fundraising income by the brand strength. 

Cancer Research UK ranked in first place with a brand value of £2.3bn. It was followed by the British Heart Foundation with a score of £1.2bn and the Salvation Army with a score of £985m. Full top ten below. 

It is the first year that the research has been conducted and the report said that the strongest brands are created by shared experience, though big media spend can build brands over time. 

The report also said that having a high “role of brand” carries risk. 

“If they suffer a brand reputation crisis, their audience is less likely to stay loyal,” it said.

Julian Dailly, cirector at Morar HPI, said: “The league table reminds us that whether we like it or not, charity brands have a measurable value. The data shows how competitive the market for donations has become. The data shows charities of all sizes have can make a bigger impact on the world by building stronger, more resilient consumer brands.”

The top ten charity brand values are:

  1. Cancer Research UK - £2.3bn
  2. British Heart Foundation - £1.1bn
  3. Salvation Army - £985m
  4. Macmillan Cancer Support - £910m 
  5. RNLI - £852m 
  6. British Red Cross - £767m 
  7. Oxfam - £541m 
  8. Comic Relief - £537m 
  9. RSPCA - £500m 
  10. Royal British Legion - £494m 


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