‘At WWF we take our logo off some campaigns to make them more inclusive’ 

08 Nov 2018 News

WWF does not put its own logo on campaigns like Earth Hour to make them accessible to a wider audience, its global digital manager said yesterday. 

Alice More O’Ferrall was delivering the closing plenary at Civil Society Media’s annual Charity Technology Conference yesterday, where she urged the sector to be bolder and more collaborative with campaigns. 

She said: “We take our logo off of things like Earth Hour to make it more inclusive” for other organisations.  

She also said that charities should “be bold” and “lose the ego a little bit” when it comes to things like campaign branding. 

As an example, O'Ferrell said that WWF shares the artwork for Earth Hour with other organisations around the world and allows them to adapt it to “make it relevant to their audience” and “link it to what matters to people” who support them. 

In 2018, Earth Hour operated in 188 countries with nearly 18,000 landmarks turning off their lights for an hour. 

She said that “keeping things simple removes barriers to entry”.

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