Dementia charities announce merger

03 Nov 2020 News

YoungDementia UK is being absorbed into Dementia UK, in a bid to unify work for older and younger people affected by the disease.

All services will continue without any changes under the banner of Dementia UK, according to a statement, which also said that legal and consultancy costs associated with the move were “kept to a minimum”.

The move is not being attributed to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and a spokesperson confirmed that the merger would not involve any redundancies. All YoungDementia UK employees have become staff of the merged charity.    

Dementia UK has an income of £10.9m and employs 139 people, according to data supplied by the charity. YoungDementia UK has 8 members of staff and an income of approximately £300,000.

Planned over the summer

The charity said that its trustees started to consider a merger during the summer after years of working together in partnership.

A spokesperson confirmed that although the charities had faced the same pressures as the rest of the sector from the coronavirus crisis, the merger is not a reaction to the pandemic.  

Merger is ‘natural progression’

Dr Hilda Hayo, who will continue as the chief executive of Dementia UK, said: “Dementia UK and YoungDementia UK have worked together successfully for years and this is an excellent development, and natural progression, for both charities.

“Now, more than ever, families impacted by dementia need empathetic, specialist support, and the coming together of these two charities will greatly expand our knowledge, expertise and capability for supporting families facing young onset dementia.” 

Tessa Gutteridge, who was director of YoungDementia UK and will continue as a member Dementia UK’s senior leadership team after the merger, said: “YoungDementia UK is dedicated to supporting people diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65. We recognise the very different impact young onset dementia has on the person and their family.

“Joining forces with Dementia UK will help us amplify the voices of those dealing with this difficult condition and reach even more people with specialist advice and support.

“Together we are committed to making a greater difference to people living with young onset dementia, and their families.” 

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