Society Diary: What message would your charity put on toilet paper?

13 Mar 2020 Voices

Would you enjoy wiping your bottom with PETA's toilet paper?

Happy Friday readers. It is Friday isn’t it? The days are beginning to blur into one. Diary is about a week ahead of most people on the self isolation front and can report that working in a bunker with little contact with the outside world is quite nice, actually. 

Being completely alone means that no-one can judge you for wearing a penguin t-shirt to work (unless you video call your team, in which case they definitely do judge you - good thing they could not see the bunny slippers). 

Also there is no awkward kitchen small talk. Good thing really as no-one has any weekend plans now and there’s not any football on so there’s no Fantasy League banter. 

This week we look at how PETA is helping address the coronavirus crisis, and have concerning news about a charity event breaking library rules. 

Free toilet paper with a side order of guilt 

First to PETA in Australia (regular readers will know that Diary takes a keen interest in all PETA activity). 

PETA, like others is very concerned about coronavirus, and is seeking to help people through the pandemic. To that end it is handing out toilet paper, what with there now being a world shortage of the stuff. 

If it’s going to do something helpful like hand out vital supplies, PETA will of course be PETA and so the bog roll comes complete with a message about how everyone being vegan could have prevented the pandemic in the first place.

On PETA's website it explains: “Amid the mass hysteria around toilet paper, PETA has a message that gets to the bottom of the problem: this outbreak probably wouldn’t have happened if people didn’t breed and eat animals.

“Public health experts believe the virus originated at a fish market, where close contact between humans and live animals in a small space made it easy for the virus to jump species.” 

There’s then a long, detailed explanation about the grim and filthy conditions animals live in, which we’re not quoting because this will be published at lunchtime. We're not sure that PETA has quite thought it through because we have a feeling that some of PETA's critics may well get a perverse pleasure out of wiping their bottoms with PETA's messaging. 

Anyway, Diary’s off to the supermarket to panic buy loo roll, because we don’t want to find ourselves relying on PETA’s guilt laden stuff. 

Drumming... in a library!!! 

Diary was surprised to see interpretive dance and hear the thunder of drumming in its visit to the British Library this week.

And although normally a stickler for the rules, Diary had a great time, once it got over the fear that a troop of angry librarians would march in and disrupt the performances.

The crowd had come to celebrate the launch of the Young People’s Foundation Trust, and the dance was a real highlight. The performance even managed to trump the canapé selection, which is a real mark of success as Diary is quite the canapé connoisseur (other talents include drawing dogs badly and filtering through serious charity news to find the important stuff).

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