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31 Jan 2020 Voices

Diary can only dream of looking this good in PJs

Happy Friday. Diary has mixed feelings about today because excitingly we have finally got the end of January, but also today is our last day as members of the European Union. On balance we’re 48:52 positive about 31 January.

This week we report on something that three-quarters of the public can agree on and share more firefighters/charity news. 

Bong for Brexit gets the thumbs down 

Good News! There’s finally something Brexit-related that has truly brought the country together, nearly. And there’s even a charity link (not always a requirement for this column, but the editor says it helps if there is one). 

You may recall a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money so that Big Ben could “bong for Brexit” a couple of weeks ago. Well shockingly the campaign had to be suspended before reaching its target because the government could not accept the money. 

This is probably a good thing, otherwise who knows what kinds of crazy things people might start raising money for and then foisting upon the ruling elite. Things like ‘books for schools’, ‘medicines for sick people’ and ‘silly hats for MPs’ could have been forced through. 

Following this news, a poll by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has found that 73 per cent of the public agreed that the money raised for Big Ben should go to charity (to be fair the organisers of the fundraising page had always said it would go to Help for Heroes if they were unable to deliver on their aim). 

Even more, 77 per cent said the fund making Big Ben bong was not a good use of funds. 

So at last there’s a clear majority for something in this country. It only took a shameless PR stunt. 

Onwards to our brave new future. 

Firefighters in pyjamas 

Diary has a soft spot for firefighters undertaking acts of charity, especially the “hunky” Australian firefighters posing with cute animals to raise money for charity

So we’re delighted to bring readers the UK equivalent. Green Watch at New Malden – London Fire Brigade recently donned their PJs and brought their teddy bears to work to promote the Princess Alice Hospice Care Through The Night campaign. 

Fantastic effort everyone involved. Come to think of it wearing your PJs to work is something Diary can certainly get on board. In fact we’re petitioning bosses to make the whole of 2020 PJs at work year in return for a generous donation to local charities of course!  

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